10 Skills Nursing Students Must Have to Succeed in Their Career

10 Skills Nursing Students Must Have to Succeed as a Nurse

So, you chose to be a nurse? Excellent choice! But do you have the skills to succeed in nursing school? To be successful, you must have innate qualities and skills to help you through studying and succeed as a nurse in the future.

Here’s what you need to have.


1. You must have confidence. 

Being a nurse requires you to meet and communicate with people from all walks of life. If you are not confident with yourself or have the confidence to talk to patients, how can you provide quality care? Not only that, but you will make decisions for your patient’s care and needs.. 

Confidence is not only about being able to carry yourself but also about being optimistic, assertive, and independent. It is about your enthusiasm for your work and emotional maturity to help you do your job at a higher level.


2. You must have communication skills.

Communication is the number one skill you must have as a nurse. You will always be talking to people in the hospital. Proper communication also helps in giving quality care to patients.

Remember that you will also be talking to doctors and other medical professionals. Good communication skills also foster meaningful workplace relationships with your peers. It will also aid you and your group in studying for nursing school. 


3. You must have leadership skills.

As a future nurse, one of your roles is to handle patients and families looking to you for guidance and updates. You will also work with your fellow nurses that may require your leadership.

You must know how to manage your time, especially when you have projects, emergencies, and conflicts in school or your future job. You have to be able to advocate for others as well as advocating for yourself. 


4. You must have critical thinking skills.

As a student nurse, you will constantly face situations that require you to observe, think critically, and make the right decisions. You must also remember that nursing students are often exposed to high-stressed situations like demonstrating procedures at school. 

You may have the skills to do the procedure, but the ability to think and make a decision in high-stressed situations quickly will bring you great success. Thus having critical thinking skills are vital.


5. You have a passion for nursing.

Besides your critical thinking and leadership skills, you must also have a passion for nursing. There has to be a passion for helping others. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with your career. 

As a student nurse, you’ll be constantly challenged to learn new skills. You will also study for exams. And if you are truly ready to become a nurse, your hard work and passion for this profession will be worth it. 


6. You have the drive to learn.

The learning is still ongoing once you have earned your degree. As you prepare for your job and even as a nurse, your learning does not end. You will constantly explore, develop your critical thinking skills, and question things you encounter at work. 

The healthcare field is always changing, just like a nurse’s role evolves. You must be ready, and having the desire to learn and adapt is essential. Whether a student nurse or a professional nurse, you’ll always have something to discover and learn about. 


7. You must have teamwork skills.

As a student nurse, you’ll meet different people from different places and with whom you’ll study. There will be situations where you will work together in class or hospital exposures. Without cooperation, you will fail nursing school. Understand that nursing and nursing school are collaborative fields. 

Working together as a team to accomplish goals is essential. You will also need this skill to succeed as a nurse and as you work with doctors, health aids, lab techs, and other healthcare team members. 


8. You know how to handle high-stress situations.

Nursing school can become stressful, especially in the months leading to your graduation. You will be dealing with a lot of exams, papers, projects, and a whole lot of requirements to pass and graduate. 

Not only that but as you become a professional nurse, you will also be constantly on the go and face stressful situations. You will deal with patients, their families, as well as other members of the healthcare team. 

When your patient is in critical condition, that stressful time is when you are needed the most. Being able to manage these situations and keep a clear head will help you become a great student nurse and future nurse. 


9. You must have the skills to ask for constructive criticism and feedback.

As a student nurse, you are there to learn everything in your school’s textbooks. You’ll probably feel clueless when you start, so be ready to seek guidance. Ask questions and accept constructive criticism from your mentors or instructors.

Remember, everyone, has been in your shoes, but it’s time you filled theirs. Seeking humility and accepting advice will help you become the best nurse you can be. 


10. You must be an advocate for patients.

As a nurse, you will be your patient’s advocate. Learning this skill will help you better assist a patient and become the person to debrief team members or interpret tests.

You’ll also explain procedures and instructions for patients and families. All of these are vital as you become a patient advocate. 


Your Takeaway

Nursing is a wonderful profession, and if you want to succeed as a nurse, you must train yourself to be the best while still in nursing school. And the more you adapt to that mindset, the easier it will be for you to handle any difficulties you’ll encounter in this job.

Start now; you’ll be glad that you did! 

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