Time Off as a Travel Nurse: 6 Ways to Spend It

Time Off as a Travel Nurse: 6 Ways to Spend It

Time Off as a Travel Nurse: 6 Ways to Spend It

How do you spend time off as a travel nurse? Do you even enjoy your day-offs? If you are a nurse interested in working as a travel nurse, your days off are essential. Here’s how you can make sure that your day off counts well.

Your Time Off as s Travel Nurse

As a nurse, taking a time off is vital. You are not a robot. You are a human being with feelings and emotions. We understand that our jobs can be demanding but you don’t need to wait for burnout. You must take care of yourself so you can continue to help and care for others.

Working as a travel nurse has its perks and a day off is as good as a holiday. Taking time off is essential not only for your health but also for you to enjoy the area of your assignment!

If this is your first time working as a travel nurse, a day off is exciting. And to make your first day off count, these tips will help you make the most of it, check it out!

#1. Enjoy the Fresh Air

There’s nothing more exciting than getting out of a long shift, no matter how tired you are, it’s always exciting to leave work. And the moment you set foot outside the hospital and be greeted by the crisp air is refreshing! 

As a nurse, your job requires you to be inside the healthcare facility for long hours. So, on your time off, you must enjoy the sunlight. Take a walk, go for a run or simply explore your surroundings.

Familiarize yourself with the location. Know where to go and find places to check out if you are into outdoor activities. 

#2. Explore the Area

A travel nurse often relocates for work, and if you happen to be in a location that you haven’t been assigned before, go out and explore it. Getting to know your surroundings is the best way to feel like a local. 

Remember, it will be your home for the next few weeks! Knowing where to go is a must. It will make your work more enjoyable. Find places where you can do something fun. It might just become one of your favorite destinations to visit again one day. 

#3. Go out with friends

As a travel nurse, you spend most of your time with patients and doing nursing duties. On your day off, you can spend time with friends.

Exploring the city is a lot of fun when you have company. Socializing with other people is also good for your mental health. And as someone who travels a lot for work, it is an excellent way to spend your time off. 

#4. Make advance plans for the week

Of course, your time off is the perfect day to plan your week. Your first week of working may be a bit chaotic, but it will be easier for you to adjust as you get settled in. 

Take time to map out your days. Check if you have enough scrub suits for the week. Make sure you also have enough food to last. Planning your schedule will help minimize your stress. 

#5. Feed your mind

Just because you are on time off means must be lazy for the rest of the day. Well, you can do that too. But you can also feed your mind. SAnd by feeding your mind, I mean finding a way to expand it. 

Find time to read something on your day off. It could be nursing books to help increase your knowledge or watching educational videos to help you with work.

You can also take classes that suit your liking. If you like art, take art classes; photography classes can also ignite your passion for taking pictures. Anything is possible, as long as you have time, of course. 

Your time off is an excellent way to pursue a new hobby or expand what you already know. How you spend it is entirely up to you. 

#6. Relax!

Your time off is an excellent time to, you guessed it, relax, of course! Working as a nurse often deprives you of sleep let alone being a travel nurse. So, take time to catch up with rest and sleep as much as possible. 

A day off is a good time to unplug from the world too. Go off your social media, shut off your phone, rest your mind, avoid reading stressful news – generally, take a break from everything! 

Your Time Off as a Travel Nurse Matters

A day off is not enough to recover, but it is enough to give you the recharge you need. Travel nurses are always on the go, but take the time to rest when you have it. Learn how to slow down and take care of yourself. 

As you adjust to your travel nursing job, things will get easier. Spend time with yourself; remember, self-care is essential! Take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others. 


EP 184: Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

EP 184: Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

Creating value with art gives us this space where we can express ourselves. It is where we can create something out of nothing. It also helps us destress and find a calm, quiet, and safe space where we can enjoy our time away from the buzz and chaos of life. The best thing about it is that art evolves. It doesn’t stop in one line. It grows and gives people more ways to express themselves. 

Art is perhaps one of the reasons why many people turn their passion for it into something worthwhile. And with that, we welcome our guest, Deane Bowers. Deane is an artist whose mission is to make this world a more loving, gentler, and kinder place. She gives ordinary objects value by bringing out their best qualities and celebrating their flaws and imperfections. Deane’s art encourages others to embrace and celebrate their shortcomings. 

We talk about the importance of art and the together while apart project. 


The questions below are some we’d like to tackle. We often go off-topic, so we don’t expect to hit them all. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Looking forward to our conversation!

These are the questions you had in Calendly. We’ll go off your questions and wherever else our conversation goes.

  1. Deane, can you give a little background about yourself?
      • Was art always a passion of yours? How did you get started in it, and how did you learn to make art?
      • How did you start turning everyday items into pieces of art?
      • Where do you find your inspiration, and what do you look to when you struggle to find your creativity?
  1. How does creating art make you feel?
      • Is it your happy place? Is it something you use as a way to focus? Is it your escape?
      • What is your most proud piece besides the Together While Apart piece?
  2. Having a family full of healthcare professionals, do they ever talk to you about their job?
      • What seems to be the most challenging part of their careers or something you find they struggle with? And what advice do you give them?
      • Any advice you can give moms with their children in nursing school or healthcare-based education?
  3. What is the Together While Apart Project?
      • How did you get started, and why did you start it?


Before we end the show, we have one last question we like to ask all our guests.

If you had the opportunity to have a Cup of coffee with anybody one last time, who would it be & why? 

Follow Deane and her artwork through her Instagram at @deanevbowersart.

You can also help support nurses by donating to the Together While Apart Project. Check out their Instagram page at @togetherwhileapartproject for more information.

If art is your passion, watch the full episode by clicking here 👇


00:00 Introduction
02:45 About the guest
04:39 How to stay creative
06:33 The perfect pieces of art
09:30 All about the “Together While Apart Art Project”
20:18 The challenges of healthcare professionals
24:02 A way of helping nurses
28:25 How to support the project
31:39 The importance of being creative
34:05 The radiating effects of art
37:42 What keeps Deane busy
39:31 The Fresh Start project
42:18 Wrapping up the episode