3 Tips to Make Your Nursing School Clinicals Enjoyable

3 Tips to Make Your Nursing School Clinicals Enjoyable

Your nursing school clinicals are one of the most important parts of nursing school. It is a time to learn about patient care, know what nursing style you like, and find the right nursing path you would like to pursue.

It is also the best time to hone your nursing skills and develop self-confidence as a future nurse. While this is an exciting time, it can also be nerve-racking. But before you get all nervous, here are helpful tips you can follow.


Enjoy your nursing school clinicals with these tips

A clinical rotation can last about a week. It’s relatively short, so you must make the most of your time. To experience the best clinical, you must be prepared, energized, and curious. 


1. Get ready and prepare yourself

Going into your nursing clinical means, you’ll be in shifts. For the clinical round, make sure to come on time. Go to bed early the night before your clinical and set your alarm for the next day.

Come on time and have your questions ready based on your lectures or readings. Bring your questions to the pre or post-conference. Asking questions will help you prepare for your NCLEX exams or nursing board exams. 


2. Stay energized at all times

Nursing school is stressful as it is, and it may be challenging to feel energized all the time. But understand this; your clinical may also add more to the pressure of studying and meeting class deadlines.

On the bright side, however, nursing school clinical will teach you much about what it takes to be a real nurse. It will also enhance your skills and build your confidence as a future member of the healthcare team. 

Always have a heart breakfast to keep your energy up for your shifts. Have a diet rich in carbs and protein; you’ll need it throughout the day. Of course, you will be given breaks by your clinical instructors too.

Bring healthy and energizing snacks that will help boost your energy. Avoid drinking stimulants like coffee or energy drinks. It will wear you out once caffeine crashes. Bring your water bottle and keep yourself hydrated at all times too.

It’s the best way to combat sleepiness and that tired feeling. 


3. Stay curious 

During your nursing school clinicals, you will be working with patients for the first time and will learn what it’s like to do patient care. It’s also an excellent opportunity to see how seasoned nurses care for their patients and observe what they do in the unit. And once you have an assigned patient, research all about the medications given to them and their diagnosis. 

Understand that your clinical experience is more than just reading your patient’s chart and taking vital signs. It’s all about understanding how the nursing team works and knowing that you will be a part of that culture in the future. 

Clinicals are fun, but you must also be serious about it. It’s a learning opportunity too. Take it as your “warm-up” to your real nursing career in the future, so enjoy it! Being nervous about your clinical is expected, so be prepared for it. Hopefully, these tips help!

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