5 Awesome Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse Recruiter 

5 Awesome Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse Recruiter 

As a travel nurse, your travel recruiter must be willing to work with you and help you when you need them. And while being a travel nurse is exciting, having a trusted nurse recruiter is one of the keys to success.

How can they help you? What are the excellent qualities of a reputed travel nurse recruiter you should look for? 

The Best Qualities

A successful travel nurse job relies on how good your nurse recruiter is. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and many end up with a recruiter that isn’t as helpful. So, here are the qualities you should look for when working with a travel nurse recruiter. 

1. Must have extraordinary communication skills.

A recruiter’s ability to communicate is vital to the success of a travel nurse. They must have an open line of communication and be in close contact with those new to travel nursing.

Even pros in travel nursing still need to contact their recruiter in case of emergencies or when a contract suddenly gets canceled. 

Being in a new place and starting a new job in a different part of the country as a nurse can be an overwhelming experience for new travel nurses.

It is essential that nurses feel supported by their recruiters so they don’t feel alone during this transition. 

2. Honest and has integrity.

An excellent recruiter will tell you how it is whether you are trying to decide if a travel nursing job is the one for you or dealing with a situation while on contract; your recruiter must know how to relay facts and information as accurately as possible.

However, this must be a two-way relationship. 

To build good relationships with your recruiter, you must also be open to communication and constructive criticism. You must know how to communicate your needs and be upfront about your expectations.

Your recruiter must also reciprocate this honesty. And be the help you need, whenever and wherever.  

3. Pleasant to work with.

Anyone who isn’t pleasant to work with brings down the excitement of the job, right? The same goes when you are working with a recruiter.

Look for a friendly travel nurse recruiter who is open to good interaction.

They must also be kind, compassionate, and caring. In short, they must also have nurse-like qualities.

Find someone with who you can have a genuine connection. You’ll not only work with recruiters but may also build lifelong friendships with them. 

4. Must be patient

Our society is fast-paced, and everyone is in a hurry to do anything. Travel recruiters must have one of the most-needed qualities: patience.

Look for a recruiter who takes the time to listen and answer your questions.

Find someone who can provide you with the reassurance you need. And find a recruiter that has the patience to help you through each step of the process. 

5. Trustworthy

How can you work with a recruiter that you don’t trust? It sounds ridiculous if you ask me. That said, you need to find a trustworthy recruiter.

As a travel nurse, you need someone honest, attentive, and dedicated to your needs.

A travel nurse recruiter that wants to know you and treats you fairly, and understands that not all positions fit everyone. 

In Closing

If you can find a recruiter with all these qualities, then consider yourself lucky. It’s hard to work away from your family and comfort zone as a travel nurse, so finding a recruiter that stands by you is like having someone you can call a friend.

Make sure to take note of these outstanding qualities, good luck!

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