7 Effective Study Tips for Student Nurses

7 Effective Study Tips for Student Nurses

There are many strategies and study tips for student nurses. But only a few are as effective. You must know what works for you and stay on it. Studying can sometimes become overwhelming, and you can relate to this situation if you’re a student nurse.

We’ve been to nursing school too, and we know that student nurses have a lot on their plate, not to mention working for their clinicals. And there are moments when everything feels like it’s all happening simultaneously! 


How to Study More Efficiently: Tips for Student Nurses

Yes, it is exhausting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Knowing how to manage your studies and figure out a way that works for you is possible.

In this post, we will share the most effective study tips so you don’t feel as overwhelmed with everything in nursing school. Read on for more. 


Know your learning style 

One of the first things you must realize is your learning style. Some students learn well by reading; some write them down, while others learn faster with visual aids or listening.

Some students may even learn better through demonstration. Whatever your learning style is, always work with the ones that are most effective for you. There’s no right or wrong way of learning.

If you need to know what works best for you, try them all and see which ones help you retain more information. 


Scheduled study time

Your time as a student nurse feels short, especially when you’re busy with other activities. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to find time to actually study. Setting a schedule for study time is the best way to do it.

It will help you determine which topic needs priority and see those that need extra study time. It will also help you catch up with your assignments, make nursing care plans, and read topics you’re having difficulty with. 


Have a break

Take a break whenever you can. Yes, you have many things to study and do; taking a break is okay too. When things get too overwhelming, remove yourself from the situation and breathe.

Your study notes and books will still be there when you return. Take a time out and do something refreshing for your mind and memory. You cannot push yourself to do so many things all at once.

Take a walk or have ice cream. Meditate. Get your favorite coffee. Do whatever makes your mind at ease and clear the rumblings of your thoughts. Once you feel better, you can return and tackle your nursing notes again! 


Avoid cramming for your exams

Cramming for your exams is not a good idea. That is why you must have a good study schedule. You can divide your study notes and give a time allotted. It will help you see which topics need more reviewing and which need little time to study.

This strategy will help you, especially when exams are coming up. Knowing that you have studied all your lessons help lessen your anxieties and avoid cramming.


Rewarding yourself

Remember to reward yourself. After a long week or weeks of studying, you must reward yourself for all your hard work. Nursing school is not a joke; those who persevere are the ones who make it.

But no one perseveres without giving themselves a break too. However you want to reward yourself, it’s up to you. Whether it be going on a spa day, out with friends, or simply binging on your favorite TV series, do it!

All study and no play make one an exhausted student nurse. 


The 45-15 Study Strategy

Are you familiar with the 45-15 study strategy? This type of strategy is all about combining your study time and breaks. To do this, you need to set your timer for 45 minutes of studying and 15 minutes break.

It is helpful for people who cannot concentrate well. The key is to truly focus your attention on your studies within the given 45 minutes and enjoy your 15-minute break afterward.

This strategy is one way to prepare your brain to concentrate. Of course, you can always try other study strategies that work best for you. 


Study Groups work

Study groups are the best. But make sure that the purpose of this group is to REALLY study. If you and your groupmates will only goof around while studying, then what’s the point? Study groups work because you can divide the topics among each member.

Learning as a group is better because everyone has input to share. You can create mini quizzes, recitations, and presentations when discussing a topic. It’s an effective way to absorb hard-to-understand topics and enjoy how each member presents the subject.

It will help you retain more information too. 


Your Takeaway

Nursing school is not easy, but there are many ways to help you rise above the exams and school activities. It’s a matter of time management and knowing your priorities. Hopefully, these tips for student nurses will help.

Nursing school is challenging, but you can do so with discipline, focus, and perseverance. Enjoy each moment and keep your eyes on the price; you will be a future nurse and, maybe, one of the best! Good luck!


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