7 Challenges That Student Nurses Face

8 Challenges That Student Nurses Face

People say one of the best days in your life is going to college. Here, you will meet many people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. If you choose to become a nurse, nursing school can be one of the most memorable times of your life.

There are many challenges that student nurses face during their time in college, and here are seven of them.


#1. Challenges That Student Nurses Face

Congratulations on making it through high school and into college! Consider this as one of the best days of your life but also the most challenging.

Choosing a nursing school is a great decision, but you must overcome these challenges from the beginning to become a nurse. So what can you expect during your time in nursing school? 


#2. Long lecture hours

If you think sitting in your high school chemistry class was hard for an hour, expect that nursing school can double that! I am not threatening you, but lecture hours in nursing school can last for hours. 

It is the lectures that set nursing apart from other college programs. Most lectures revolve around complicated concepts and theories. It also introduces you to pre-nursing subjects like Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, and many others.  

Not only will you attend regular classes, but you also have to attend long lectures and retain what you have learned from other lessons as well. On top of that, thick nursing textbooks are your best friend.

These usually come in two volumes (Medical and Surgical Nursing textbooks especially), are weighty, and are difficult to grasp in one reading. 


#3. Grueling homework and projects

Besides attending long lecture hours, you must pass your projects and homework. These usually include tons of research and reading. Some come in case studies, nursing care plans, and reports.

By the end of your school year, you will be presenting a thesis that you need to defend. That said, you need to brace yourself for intensive research and learn how to manage your time effectively. 


#4. Unexpected clinical rotations

As a student nurse, clinical rotations are part of your routine. Your shifts can change during your clinical, and so will your patient assignments. To survive nursing school, you must learn to be adaptive and quick learners to pass. 


#5. Stressful and limited time in college

Nursing school is, no doubt, stressful. Most of your time is spent studying, researching, and reading.

Clinical rotations also limit your time to do other things like going to places or parties. However, as you adjust, you will learn to balance your school life and personal life like a pro. So don’t worry about this too much!


#6. Nerve-racking exams and tests

As a student, exams and tests are part of your life. But if you are a nursing student, these exams usually test your knowledge and nursing skills. However, these exams are for a good reason too.

It is because your nursing school is training you to become future professionals handling the life and health of other people. If you do well in these exams, you are a few steps to becoming the nurse you have always wanted to be. 


#7. Training after graduation

If you think you are done with nursing school after graduation, think again! Your graduation only leads you to more mandatory training you need to earn certifications to increase the chances of securing a job.

Education always continues as a healthcare professional. The U.S. requires you to train for basic life support, equipment training, and cardiac life support before hiring a staff nurse.


#8. Pressure from other people

Many student nurses are expected to do well in school, especially during emergencies. People will expect you to know what to do when you face an emergency or if someone is sick.

Learn to thrive under pressure and be able to critically think no matter what the circumstance is.


In Closing

Yes, being a student nurse is challenging, but in a good way! Be sure to find time to balance life and school work; you will be alright. Your time in nursing school can be your best days or worse days.

It can be overwhelming at times, but these experiences will teach t you lessons that you can apply as a future nurse. 

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