8 Ways Nurses Can Enjoy the Holidays at Work

8 Ways Nurses Can Enjoy the Holidays at Work

Nurses work during the holidays, and it is not something new too. How can nurses enjoy the holidays at work? Over the years, many nurses are scheduled to work on Christmas Day and even New Year’s.

And if you are a nurse working on these days, how can you make it worthwhile? 


Can Nurses Enjoy the Holidays at Work? Of Course!

The holidays are the best time to be with friends and families and enjoy a lovely time. Unfortunately, some people get to work during Christmas or New Year. And nurses are no strangers to this kind of schedule. 

If you are a nurse and are bound to work during these particular days, there are different ways that you can still make your shift fun and be in the festive spirit. Here’s how:


1. Get out the decorations.

What’s a Christmas season without decorations? Boring, right? To enjoy the holiday spirit, take out your crafting skills and get to decorating! Putting and seeing Christmas decorations in your nurse’s station can lift spirits even if you are at work. 


2. Dress for the holidays.

Just because you are at work does not mean you can’t dress up for the holidays. Don’t be surprised if you see a colleague dress up as Santa or have a Santa hat on.

Christmas-themed scrubs are also great to wear around this time. Given of course, that it is approved at work. It will also brighten your patients’ day, especially those not discharged around the holidays. 


3. Food is Good!

Some hospitals do celebrate Christmas. They even provide potlucks for their employees and host parties. If your hospital does not have it, you can always ask if it is possible to do it with your unit or team.

A good meal at work can make the holidays more memorable. If no one has the time to cook for a potluck, you can also order food. A lot easier if you ask me! 


4. Play Christmas music

Christmas music is only played once a year, and you might as well make the most of it. Of course, keep it to a level where patients can still rest but enough for you and other staff nurses can enjoy. 


5. Trade gifts with coworkers

Secret Santa or exchanging gifts is a great way to enjoy your shift, and this is how nurses can enjoy holidays a work. Receiving gifts at work is fantastic too! Christmas is a time for giving; you might as well get into it


6. Spread cheer to your patients

The holidays can be sullen to some patients. It is especially true if they have been admitted to the facility for a while. Some may even feel unloved during this season.

Visiting your patients’ rooms, talking, or greeting them during this time may help lift their moods. You can even give them gifts if you are feeling generous. 


7. Enjoy the holiday pay

One of the best things about being a nurse working on holidays is the pay [2].  Double pay and overtime can come in handsomely for nurses who work extra shifts. Besides, you deserve compensation for working hard, enjoy it!


8. Connect with loved ones

The internet has its perks, and one of them is connecting people. As a nurse working on a holiday, getting in touch with loved ones during this time is crucial.

Nurses who work across the states can talk and stay in touch with their families thanks to the Internet. Even those working on the other side of the world don’t feel as lonely during the holidays. Make sure to connect with loved ones during your shift. It makes the holidays better. 


Have a Merry Christmas!

Of course, working during the holidays can be challenging, but you are not alone. There are plenty of people who don’t want to be in this position but are working. So, don’t feel as bad; instead, use this time to create new traditions at work and take the time to celebrate. 

Being a nurse is a demanding job but also a rewarding one. Enjoy the moment, even on holidays. It’s a job worth doing! 

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