Should you move out after nursing school

Moving Out After Nursing School

How soon did you move out after nursing school? 

There is no ideal time frame. Some nurses do it a few weeks after landing their first job, some wait a few years and build up their finances, while others have already been living on their own.

Moving out is a big part of your life, so make sure to think it through.

Why do you want to move out after nursing school? Is it because everyone is doing it? Do you want more space? You want more freedom, etc.

While it sounds good, you may think, what are the benefits of moving out after nursing school?

Things to Consider Before Moving Out

Finally, getting to move out of your parent’s home is one of the greatest and most accomplished things you will do in your lifetime.

It puts you at a point of optimal growth. You’re going to experience life on a different level.

These are some steps to take before you move out.

  1. Figure out your financial situation
      • If you want to move out you first have to make sure you have enough money. There’s a thing called rent or mortgage for everyone still living at their parents’ home. You’re going to be paying for the place you are living in and it is going to be your most costly expense.
      • The average cost of rent in the US is a little over $1,000 a month, depending on the location you will most likely be paying more. For example, a 2 BR condo in LA will run you around $3,000 – $5,000, in Chicago $1,800 – $3,000.
      • You also need to incorporate groceries, utilities, Netflix, phone bills, and personal expenses. It all adds up and it’s usually a lot more expensive than you initially thought. 
      • Consider your loans. What are your monthly loan payments? You might be better off living at home for a few months or years longer to get them paid off quicker. 
  2. Where do you want to live
      • Location, location, location, one of the biggest real estate owners is McDonald’s. You need to think about where you want to live, city, suburb, local, or out of state. Is there a particular spot you always go to or really like? Do you want some views, or maybe live close to your parents?  
  3. Why do you want to move out
      • Moving out is a lot of work and increases your responsibility. Are you moving out for the right reasons or are you mindlessly doing it because everyone else is? 

Benefits of Moving Out

      • More freedom: You will not have a room anymore, the whole place will be your temple. You can do whatever whenever walking naked from your bedroom to the kitchen kind of freedom.
      • More responsibility: You will now be a fully functioning adult with complete control of your life and future. You are going to learn all the things associated with living in your own place; decorating, cleaning, fixing, maintaining, etc… It is a new sense of being. 

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