Gender Dysphoria & Gender-Affirming Surgeries With Shannon Whittington

In this episode, we’d like to welcome Shannon Whittington. Shannon is a speaker and best-selling author of her book LGBTQ ABC’s for Grownups. She is a clinical nurse expert in gender-affirming surgeries for transgender and nonbinary patients. She is an advocate of the LGBTQ community.

Shannon answers the following questions for the viewers:

  1. How much education did you receive in LGBTQ+?
  2. What do transgender and binary mean and what are gender-affirming surgeries?
  3. What are some struggles and barriers the LGBTQ community faces
  4. What is gender dysphoria? What age does it start?
  5. At what age can people be put on hormones or get surgery?
  6. Can you tell us why people switch sexes? What seems to be the main reason?
  7. What are some things we need to be conscious of when providing care to the  LGBTQ population? 
  8. How can I be an ally to the LGBTQ+ pop?
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