Women’s Health With Isabella Bogdan

EP132: Women’s Health with Isabella Bogdan

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Isabel Bogdan, the owner and founder of belev.co. Isabel is a women’s health nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice. Dr. Bogdan’s vision is to intertwine traditional medicine with a holistic approach to transformational change.

Join us as Isabel shares with us the importance and the different ways to maintain women’s health and the answers to the following questions:

  1. How did you get involved in women’s health?
  2. What is holistic and preventative medicine to you? Body, mind, soul
  3. H b 
  4. What is the biggest concern for women? What are the highest comorbidities?
  5. How important is mental health for women?
  6. How do you help someone boost their mental health? Yoga, meditation?
  7. What are some things every woman should know? 
  8. What is belev.co?

Learn more about women’s health by watching the full episode here 👇👇👇


0:00 Cup of Nurses Introduction
1:28 Guest Introduction
1:55 Isabella Bogdan’s Background
7:14 How do you Assess Spirituality
12:22 How to switch from being a victim to being in control?
14:21 What is the biggest impact of the pandemic on women?
18:10 How do you keep the mind, body, and soul connected?
25:00 What do women have to change for their health?
28:30 What do a lot of women suffer from?
33:31 How to keep motivated
39:45 Why do you celebrate the equinox?

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