Episode 55:

Nurse Talk With Cat Golden

We’d like to welcome Cat Golden. She has a passion for helping nurses find the confidence they need to create their own schedules and take a chance on their dreams.


Self-care has sparked Cat Golden’s movement, Nurses Inspire Nurse, where she sells products and hosts monthly events and coffee talks, as well as, provides resources to support nurses.

She also takes nurses through her ninety-day mentorship program, the LEAP LAND LIVE Method to help them look inside themselves and uncover what they’re truly passionate about. She believes that if nurses embrace their true Being. They will uncover their purpose and be able to live a life they’re obsessed with.



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These are a few of the topics addressed on the show

How did you start your business?

What are your goals or ambitions for your company in the coming years?

What does the #nursesinspirenurses community mean to you?

So those that are high-achiever nurses and feel like they are burnt out, what advice do you have for them?

So a lightworker is a nurse who is proud of what they do and I feel like they heal with their hands. Their gift isn’t suppressed. Do you feel like burnout is one of the main reasons causing you to lose that “light”?

So the connection is all we are about. Even down to our primitive instincts we need closeness. We need to feel accepted. In these meetups you organize, what are some common issues and problems that arise?




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