How to Pass Nursing School Like a Pro

How to Pass Nursing School Like a Pro

There’s no doubt that nursing school is challenging. When you think about it, it’s supposed to be hard, right?

People will rely on you to take care of them. In summary, nursing school is your training ground to become a real nurse.

That said, the challenges you face here are NOTHING compared to real-life scenarios. So your time in nursing school should be challenging! But how to pass nursing school like a pro?

How can you tackle the challenges, and what should you expect in your first semester of nursing school? Let’s break it all down. 

Honestly, I have no idea how I passed my first semester, but I remembered tears and late-night studying. It sounds funny now, but I did go through all of that! But this doesn’t have to be your case.

People cope differently, and that’s how I was back then; fortunately, I passed my first semester and eventually graduated. So how can you pass the first semester? Here are helpful tips that you can use:

Nursing School Challenge Accepted!

The amount of information you learn in your first semester can be overwhelming for newcomers, but don’t let that drag you down. It’s just the beginning, after all!

The real challenge is passing the first half of the year in one piece [1]. So how can you get it without losing your head in the process? Here are helpful tips that you can use:

How to Pass Nursing Tip #1: Learn to be flexible

I know, you’re probably thinking, what did I get myself now? Yes, there will be times when you feel like you made a mistake when you applied for nursing school but relax. Take a second and keep your overwhelming feelings in check. Learn to be flexible by organizing your time.

Consider getting a planner. Write down all your commitments so you can see your tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. Looking at the bigger picture will make it easier for you to adjust or make schedules.

Doing so will let you juggle multiple tasks without missing time with friends and family or losing sleep.  

How to Pass Nursing Tip #2: Hone efficient habits

Your habits play a role in your survival during the first semester. One of the habits that you should develop is your studying habits. Sure, it’s tempting to sleep in rather than study, but growing time to study can help you in so many ways.

Figure out what type of learner you are. Are you a visual learner? Print out pictures. Are you an auditory learner? Listen to nursing podcasts like Cup of Nurses.

If you prefer learning using your voice, record it. Whatever your study style is or how you like to study, make sure to develop the habit of doing them.

It will help you understand topics better and make learning more accessible in your first semester. Once you establish these habits, it will be easier to carry on to the next level of nursing school. 

How to Pass Nursing Tip #3: Comprehension vs. Good Grades

There’s a fine line between intelligence and overachieving. Yes, good grades are excellent, but you don’t have to be obsessed about that all the time. What should you expect in your first semester of nursing school? Develop your comprehension skills first.

Working as a nurse is not graded, but your comprehension matters in the long run. So, while you are still in your first semester, focus on understanding the topics discussed in class. See how the content connects and develops your critical thinking early.

Good grades are fantastic, and getting good ones is a plus, but always remember that comprehension pays off better in the future. 

How to Pass Nursing Tip #4: Manage your anxiety

As I have mentioned, your first semester will be busy and overwhelming. It can be draining on your part as you will deal with quizzes, pop quizzes, tests, and finals. I am going to be honest when I say that your final exams weigh more than the others.

So if you have test anxiety or have developed a fear of taking exams, it’s best to find ways to manage it even before going to nursing school. Breathing exercises and meditation can help. Don’t forget to read on tips on passing nursing school.

The earlier you know how to pass nursing, the better you can manage your anxieties. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready the moment you set foot inside a nursing school! [2]

How to Pass Nursing Tip #5: Take Care of Yourself!

There’s no doubt that it will be a challenge to study to be a nurse, and if you want this job, then best to take care of yourself. Remember that you will be away from your family while studying to become a nurse. Most of the time, you will be alone, living in a dorm.

That said, make sure to care for yourself by eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest. Make sure to add a “me time” in your calendar so you have time to do the things that are good for your well-being.

Remember, there’s a time for everything, whether for studying or self-care; be sure to balance both. 

Your Takeaway

So, how to pass nursing school like a pro? What can you learn from your first semester? Character development, what else! Your first semester will probably break you but use it to your advantage; take it as a warming up for the real challenge ahead. 

Many years from now, you will be working with a team of nurses under your leadership. You will be saving countless lives and providing the best care to your patients.

You will be working in specialized areas like the Operating Room, Delivery Room, or ICU, where you will become one of the best in the field. Your patient will appreciate your presence and thank you for your compassion and kindness.

While this sounds like a movie plot, it can happen to you. So, is taking the challenge nursing school has to offer worth it?

When you pass your NCLEX and earn your license, you can be whoever you want to be in the nursing world, and YES, it’s worth the tears and sleepless nights!

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