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With nursing school almost over or done with (CONGRATS!), your next step to becoming a nurse is tackling the NCLEX exam.

How do you even begin to study for the NCLEX?

We got your back! We’ve compiled everything that we thought was useful and helped us pass the NCLEX exam. All of this information is organized into chapters so you can easily find what you need when you need it. Our study guide will be your #1 resource for studying for the NCLEX exam. We currently have a PDF and hard copy for you to purchase.

cup of nurses nclex guide

Start preparing for your nursing future today!

We’ve put together a 162-page comprehensive NCLEX STUDY GUIDE for student nurses who are eager to pass the NCLEX exam but always seem to fall asleep while flipping through the pages of their textbooks. We’ve gathered our precious resources and have come up with, honestly, something WE WISH we had when we were students studying for the NCLEX.

What’s inside the NCLEX Guide

  • Inside the NCLEX study guide, we offer a detailed table of contents. This makes it easy for you to find what you need by searching its index.
  • The way the study guide is laid out makes it easier to learn and master various topics. Easy-to-follow format.
  • NCLEX recommendations like test-taking tips and strategies.
  • Table of all lab values in one place to simplify memorization.
  • We cover everything you need to know for the nursing boards!
  • We made sure to include the most important information at your fingertips so you don’t have to waste time going through websites searching for info.

Created By Nurses

For Nurses

“If you’re a nursing student, then I recommend using the Cup of Nurses NCLEX guide to prepare for your exam. It had all the resources I needed to help me pass.”

Sarah Registered Nurse

NCLEX Study Guide Rating

Nclex graduate

I am an Internationally Educated Nurse. Passing the NCLEX was my number one priority when I first started studying for it and now that goal has been achieved – I hit only 75 questions! Thank you so much for the NCLEX study guide. Recommend it!


I was ecstatic when I got my license on Friday! NCLEX is a tough exam. It took me a month of studying daily with the guide. Thank you for your work, the animations make it easier to follow. Long time fan of the podcast, another great tool for all nursing students.


One second after receiving the news, I was filled with relief and accomplishment. After all of my studying and hard work it finally paid off! Thank you so much for your guide and insights into this intimidating journey of passing the NCLEX!


Get The Guide &

Start Studying The Right Way

This study tool is ready to help you pass your NCLEX. With this comprehensive guide, learn without guessing and work on your weak points that are stopping you from passing the NCLEX. Take your mind off worrying and keep studying, we made sure the most important information is at your fingertips.


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