Preparing for a Travel Nursing Job

Preparing for Your First Travel Nursing Job

Your first travel nursing job is an exciting time. Think of the places you can visit and things to do while being a travel nurse. It’s mixing work and pleasure!

But before you get carried away with excitement, you must know how to prepare for your job as a travel nurse. 

Plan Your Steps

So how do you prepare for your first travel nursing job? Here’s how you become an expert in traveling as a nurse:

Explore what travel nursing is

 If you have plans to join the travel nursing bandwagon, exploring what this job is all about is your first step. Again, researching is your key. Learn what travel nursing is. Read blogs about people who are travel nurses or follow travel nurses like Cup of Nurses

If you have a friend who is a travel nurse, you can also ask them about their experiences. It’s also a good idea to talk to someone already in that field as they can tell you first-hand about the profession and what to expect from it. 

Do your research

Before you plan your life as a travel nurse, do your homework and research. Check out different travel nurse agencies and the services they offer. Finding an agency to help you while you are on your contract is always good. Make sure to check the ones that offer the best options. 

Make connections with other travel nurses

Travel nurses are the best people to engage with if you plan on becoming one yourself. Connect with them through social media or join groups, Facebook pages, or forums of travel nurses and meet those working in the field already. 

There may be travel nurses in your unit as we speak. Talking to them may give you a good idea of how travel nursing is.

Ask about the agencies to work with or how to prepare your documents if you ever become a travel nurse like them. 

Consider the area of work you want

As a travel nurse, you will be assigned to different specialties most of the time. And if you are a nurse experienced in particular areas, travel nursing will favor you.

While there are many areas you can work in as a travel nurse, you still need to consider which area you would like to work in as a travel nurse. It will also help narrow down the jobs you can apply for, and travel nursing agencies can easily find you a job.

Update your certifications

Certifications can be your advantage. Although you don’t need it, it can help you stand out. Ensure your certifications (especially if you have a specialty) are updated.

Update your nursing license; even better if you have multiple licenses in other states too. It will be an advantage to your career as a travel nurse. 

Certifications like PALS, ACLS, and BLS must also be updated. Keep a copy of all your certifications and licenses as a paper document and digital if possible. It will be easier to print copies and update them whenever possible.

Have a savings bank

It’s a fact that many travel nursing agencies offer housing and allowance to travel nurses, but you will always have expenses to pay upfront. Of course, agencies will reimburse you, but you must also have cash.

Having a savings bank is always a good backup. You will never know what will happen to you once you get to the first assignment, so having cash is always helpful.

Always ensure what is written in your contract and what is not. And ensure that you have money in the bank for emergencies. 

Be healthy and fit for work

Before your travel nurse job:

  1. Ensure you’re in the best condition.
  2. Make sure you’re not sick, eat healthy food, and exercise.
  3. Get a check-up to ensure your body is as healthy as possible.

It’s also a good idea to have your vaccinations updated. If you take medications, have them refilled before leaving for work. 

Learn to pack light

Once you have your assignment, learn the art of packing lightly. If your assignment is for 13 weeks, ensure you have enough clothes to last you around those weeks. Sure, you can shop for new clothes, but if you want to save money, you must know what to bring.

Remember your scrubs and bring your comfy shoes. It will make your life easier as a travel nurse. List down also everything necessary that you need to bring. It will save you time packing your things. 

Enjoy the Experience

Travel nursing is exciting, but it takes a lot of planning and paperwork to get to your first assignment. Once you have your assignment and have done everything accordingly, it will run smoothly.

As you do, enjoy the experience. Meet new friends. Enjoy the scenery and have fun too. You will be a pro at travel nursing in the long run! 

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