Steps to Moving on From Your Current Healthcare Provider

Steps to Moving on From Your Current Healthcare Provider

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know that change is a constant in life. People come,
and people go; perhaps your doctor is one of those individuals. From Cup Of Nurses, here’s
how to move on to a new healthcare provider if this is the case.

Check their credentials

Apart from checking the credentials of your next doctor to see that they have the relevant skills
and education, you’ll also want to check that their area of expertise is a close match to what
you’re looking for and need in a healthcare provider.

Check how soon they’ll be able to squeeze you in

If you have been referred to a doctor by your current health practitioner, there is probably a
high chance that they are well in demand. And while this may be a positive thing because it
points to how popular they are, it may also be challenging for them to take on a new patient
simply because their schedule might be jam-packed. Therefore, you may want to keep your
option open, i.e., look out for other healthcare providers who can accommodate patients outside
regular office hours.

How much can you afford?

It might be a good idea to reassess your budget to see if you can afford to increase your
insurance premium if need be. If not, then eHealth notes that sticking with ‘in-network’ doctors
may be the most financially sound decision. However, if you’re a freelancer or self-employed,
you could take advantage of affordable healthcare coverage if you join a Freelancers Union or
your Chamber of Commerce.

Keeping your documents up to date

It will also be helpful to ensure your medical documents are always up-to-date and ready for
when you find your ideal match. If your documents are difficult to find because they are in
multiple places on your computer, then a tool that converts various file formats like Word to PDF
might help. With this tool, a PDF converter will let you convert from other files so you can select
only the PDF pages you wish to use and then combine them into one file, making this easier to
find when you need it.

Meet them before you make a decision

If you want to get a more accurate picture of what your doctor-patient relationship will be like,
then there’s no better way to do this than an in-person meeting. This way, you can assess
whether your interaction with each other shows the potential to progress into the type of
doctor-patient relationship you desire it to be.

Don’t feel pressured to rush the process

The National Institute on Aging points out that when it comes to choosing a doctor you’ll feel
comfortable around for years to come, you need to be absolutely sure about your final choice.
Therefore, don’t put pressure on yourself to rush the process. Instead, use all the resources
around you to help expedite the search if time is of the essence.

Apart from asking your doctor for any referrals, you could also use your own network to ask around and see who comes out on top as far as recommendations from friends and family go. Reach out to past acquaintances in the area, especially those who are around the same age as you, to see if they’d recommend their primary care doctor or another reputable physician. A great place to start is with old schoolmates.

Certainly, finding a new doctor when you’re used to your current one will probably feel a little
unsettling at first. Making sure you can afford the healthcare provider you want should help remove some
of the worry associated with this stressful search.

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