Travel Nurse and Recruiter Relationship

Travel Nurse and Recruiter Relationship

Travel Nurse and Recruiter Relationship

Your travel nursing recruiter is the middleman between your facility and you. Creating a good nurse and recruiter relationship will make or break your travel nursing experience. Imagine having a recruiter that’s not on top of it or not picking up the phone.

This only creates frustration and stress on top of an already exhausting shift.   

Interviewing Your Recruiter

Yes, you will interview your recruiter! You have every right to choose who you work with. During this time, addressing any questions you have about the company or the recruiter is important.

If you’re organized, you want your recruiter to be just as accountable so you don’t run into any frustration.

Questions to Ask Your Travel Recruiter 

  • What’s the history of the company (how long in business, how many office locations)?
  • How long has the recruiter been with the company?
  • How many nurses do you typically work with at once?
  • Describe yourself and who you are
  • Name some cities where you have assignments. 
  • What assignments do you have that many travelers seem to like the most, and why?   
  • Do you submit nurses to assignments without permission? 


Things to Look for in a Recruiter



    • Honesty is the best policy. You don’t want the recruiter to make false promises and be disappointed during your contract. It’s a good sign when your recruiter says, “I don’t have the answer for that, but let me find out and get back to you.” 
    • During your contract, if there are issues (no matter how small), be sure to touch base with the recruiter and inform them


    • If your travel nurse recruiter goes above and beyond for you, cherish them. An awesome recruiter will have your back, no matter what. They may be unable to fix everything, but they’ll try their best.

Respect for your time

    • A recruiter should respond to you in a timely manner. Some will provide their personal cell number for quicker access. You decide the relationship and what type of contract works best for you.
    • You shouldn’t have to wait for a response for longer than 48 hours. 

An interest in you 

    • Your travel nurse recruiter should get to know you as a person and understand your life. They should know your passions and vice versa. Those are the recruiters that truly care. It’s not all about business. 

Building and maintaining a solid relationship with your travel nurse recruiter is an important aspect of your professional career. Your travel nurse-recruiter relationship is key to your travel nursing experience.

Having someone who is a great communicator, honest, organized, and interested in your career will be key to your experience. 


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