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What Is Travel Nursing?
Who is Travel Nursing For?

Travel nursing is a great way to advance your career and earn extra money, all while traveling the country. Patient care won’t change much as a travel nurse, but there are alot of differences between a travel nurse versus a staff nurse. Below we will provide you with frequently basic questions about travel nursing.

How does travel nursing work?

Travel nurses are hired to fill in temporary staffing shortages. Travel nurses can work in a facility anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks, depending on the needs of the facility. The travel nurse will work with recruitment agencies to secure a contract with a healthcare facility.

Can I pick my own contract and location?
Travel nursing works by supply and demand. Certain locations will have more contracts depending on nursing shortages. Essentially you can choose where you’d like to work. You choose your contract to a certain point. Travel agencies and hospitals have pre negotiated rates and requirements. As a travel nurse you will be sent multiple different contracts that are negotiable. If you don’t like something on the contract you can discuss it with your recruiter. You can also ask for higher pay, different dates, hours, etc… Sometimes recruiters are able to work with you on certain things.
Who can become a travel nurse?
Travel nurses typically have 12-18 months of hospital based experience in their speciality. We recommend one year of experience before starting travel nursing. Popular travel nursing specialties include, OR, ER, ICU, L&D and more.
Can I take time off during an assignment or in between assignments?
It is not recommended to take time off during an assignment however you can request specific days off while negotiating your contract. It is best to tell your recruiter of the days you need off beforehand so they can properly notify the hospital.

In between assignments you can take as much time off as you like. Just remember the more time off you have the more skills you’ll forget.

How do travel nurses get paid and can they get bonuses?
Travel nurses typically get paid weekly through direct deposit along with any reimbursement. There are a few options for bonuses and each travel agency will offer their own bonuses but the typical ones are a completion bonus and a referral bonus.

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Can I take a travel assignment close to my home?

In order to collect your non-taxed housing stipend you must travel at least 50 miles away from your permanent residence. Basically, you can’t work a contract and go home to your main residence at the end of your shift and receive a non-taxed stipend.

Can you travel with a friend?
Yes you can do travel nursing as a duo. As a matter of fact it is common for couples or friends to travel together to the same location. You can decide whether to work in the same hospital or live in the same home, it’s your choice.
Can you bring a pet during your contract?
You can bring your pets with you if you’d like. You need to verify with your landlord if you are going to find your own housing. Most agencies will find you appropriate housing if you are bringing a pet.
Can I take a travel assignment close to my home?

In order to collect your non-taxed housing stipend, you must travel at least 50 miles away from your permanent residence. Basically, you can’t work a contract and go home to your main residence at the end of your shift and receive a non-taxed stipend.

Do travel nurses get health insurance or a 401k?
Travel nurses have the option to get medical, dental, and life insurance through their agency or they can apply for private insurance. Travel agencies do offer a 401k but the amount they will match will be up to the agency and how long you’ve been with them.
What type of orientation will I receive?
Travel nurse orientation is very unpredictable. Do not expect it to be your typical hospital orientation.  As a travel nurse, we are expected to jump in immediately and assist during periods of high census or low staffing. Typically orientation will be 1-3 days, with one shift orientation on unit.
What do nurses do for transportation?
There are a few options for transportation as a travel nurse. Many nurses ship their cars. It is an added expense that certain agencies might cover or assist in but it gives you the freedom of movement. Another option is to get a rental car for the duration of the contract. Some nurses use public transportation if they know the area well. Some nurses also live in RVs, they save a lot of cost on housing and transportation.

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