stimulus and vaccine

Stimulus Checks

About 85% of people will receive $1400 stimulus checks. It’s the third stimulus checks given since COVID 19 started. If you’ve filled your 2020 taxes the check will be based on those, if not it will go off 2019 taxes [1]

Qualifying group What the law says
Individuals An AGI of less than $80,000 to qualify for any payment amount
Head of household An AGI of less than $120,000 to qualify for any payment amount
Couple filing jointly An AGI of less than $160,000 to qualify for any payment amount
Dependents of all ages $1,400 apiece, no cap — but only if guardians make under the above limits
Families with mixed US citizenship Provided they meet other qualifications
US citizens living abroad Yes, same as the first two checks
Citizens of US territories Yes, same as the first two checks, with payments handled by each territory
SSDI and other tax nonfilers Yes, but may require an extra step to claim (more below)
Incarcerated people Yes, included this time
People who owe child support Checks can be garnished to cover past due payments (more below)
Disqualified groups Not covered by law
Non-US citizens “Resident aliens” aren’t included
Noncitizens who pay taxes Depends on “mixed-status” rules (more below)


If you’ve had a child in 2021 they won’t be counted towards the stimulus, as of now. 

What is hidden in the Covid relief bill for Bill?

Bill and Malinda Gates foundation is reported to receive 3.5 billion.

The covid relief bill was 1.9 trillion [2]

  • Expanded unemployment benefits until Sept. 6 at $300/week
    • About 57 million people filed for unemployment = 17 billion dollars
  • If 150 million people get 1400 then that equals 210 billion dollars
  • 350 billion to state and local governments
  • 130 billion into schools K-12
  • 40 billion for colleges and universities
  • 28.6 billion to businesses
  • 7.25 billion for the paycheck protection program
  • 50 billion to expand covid testing
  • 15 billion for covid distribution
  • 1 billion to boos vaccine confidence
  • 10 billion for medical supplies and devices. 
  • Increased tax breaks for families with children 
  • 30 billion for low-income households for rent
  • 10 billion for homeowners struggling with mortgages
  • Student loan forgiveness

Adds up to about 1 trillion.


The vaccine is technically a type of gene therapy. The definition of a vaccine ”is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.” 

The definition of gene therapy is “the application of genetic engineering to the transplantation of genes into human cells in order to cure a disease caused by a genetic defect, as a missing enzyme.”

How is the vaccine different?

Instead of antigen payloads, the vaccine carries copies of the recipe for making the antigen, in the form of RNA, a molecule that stores information.

RNA is a string of chemical units representing, similarly to letters of the alphabet, the genetic code that all living cells use as instructions for producing their component proteins.

The newly licensed COVID-19 vaccines contain myriad identical RNA strands all coding for a critical section of the coronavirus’s spike protein. This protein is easy for the immune system to attack because it sits on the virus’s outer surface. It’s also indispensable to the virus, as it’s absolutely required for entry into our cells; so the virus doesn’t have the option of altering its spike protein, via mutation, to escape immune detection.

The vaccine’s RNA strands are hidden inside of nanoscale fat globules, which keeps our immune systems from flipping out.

The primary target for an RNA vaccine, as for traditional vaccines, is dendritic cells. Which absorb the nano fat globules.

Once inside, the RNA strands make their way to protein-producing power tools called ribosomes.

The ribosomes decipher the strands’ coded instructions and churn out new SARS-CoV-2 spike-protein bits

This triggers an effect similar to traditional vaccines, in which dendritic cells displaying their antigenic trophies on their surfaces race to the lymph nodes to tip off the immune cells hanging out there.

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