EP 102: Breaking Past Trauma with Crystal Grant

EP 102: Breaking Past Trauma with Crystal Grant

We all have traumas at some point in our lives. However, some of us can overcome them easily while others don’t. How can breaking past trauma help us?

In this episode, we would like to introduce you to our guest Crystal Grant. Crystal is a CRNA, author, and entrepreneur. She’s written over 4 books, has her own YT channel, and is the owner of Independent Dreams Inc., all while accelerating a career as a CRNA.

Here’s what we asked Crystal:

  1. Where are you from? How did you end up where you are today? 
  2. You’ve written a book titled Acceptance Granted, where you showcase what it takes to be a CRNA, what is the process, and what does it really take to be a CRNA?
  3. One of the hardest things to do is to get into CRNA school, and it’s frustrating because you don’t have full control over what school you will attend or who will accept you. You’ve had a difficult process getting in. How did you feel? When you got those nos, what made you keep applying and keep striving to get in? I feel like most people would have quit. How do you deal with tough situations?
  4. The cost of becoming a CRNA is high; people that enter the CRNA field completely devote all their hours to school, needing to take out loans. How were you able to efficiently pay off your debt? 
  5. You’ve written many books and a series called Super CRNA. What made you write a children’s book?
  6. How do you go from RN to CRNA to author to business owner? 
  7. What is Independent Dreams inc, and what made you start it?
  8. Do you have plans for your next endeavor?
  9. What are you currently working on?

Social Media for Crystal

YouTube: Crystal Grant

Instagram: thesixfigurecrna

Move past your trauma and heal; watch the full episode here 👇👇👇


00:00 Intro
01:15 About Crystal
03:35 How did you overcome adversity?
05:38 Dealing with trauma
08:57 Self Esteem
11:17 Spirituality
18:28 Inspiration
21:31 Advice to your younger self
22:30 Loans
24:02 Travel Nursing
26:07 Student Loans
29:55 Life is a puzzle
32:37 Current Projects
34:32 Society
37:34 Crystal’s Mom
38:58 Entrepreneurship
41:31 Independent Dreams
43:11 Where to find Crystal
43:35 What made you write a children’s book?
45:15 Wrapping up the show
45:52 End of show

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