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EP 105: How to Manage Your Finances with Allie Grotteland

When it comes to money, it can be hard to manage it sometimes, especially when you think that you will get paid any time soon. But as a nurse, how can you manage your finances like a pro?

In this episode, we would like to introduce you to our guest Allie Grotteland, who shares her expertise on how to manage your finances well. Allie is also a PICU nurse and owner and founder of the debt-free nurse LLC. She helps nurses pay off debt, and save money without sacrificing things they love. 

IG page: @the_debtfreenurse

The questions below are some we tackled on the show

  • How did you first become self-aware of investing?
  • How do you first start teaching people about money?
  • What is the mindset you should have about saving and investing? 
  • Is there any advice that you can share to start paying off debt? 
  • What is your best advice to start saving your life? 
  • How do you create financial goals?
  • How do you stop impulse spending? 
  • One of your goals is to retire a millionaire; what systems do you have in place to bring that to reality? 
  • Difference between Roth IRA vs. 401K? 
  • Tell us about your experience with nurse bullying. 

Here’s how you can manage your finances well 👇👇👇


00:00 Intro
00:08 Guest intro
00:43 Nursing to Investing a business
04:47 The mindset you need to pay off debt
05:55 The most efficient way to pay off loans
08:24 How to look into your financial status
10:22 Holding off on purchases
12:12 How to stop someone from impulse shopping
14:34 The 48-Hour Rule
15:58 How to choose the best retirement plan
23:14 Invest your extra money
23:42 Amount of money to save
26:05 Put Emergency Funds first
29:40 Courses
32:36 Apps to use to track spending
33:17 Nurse bullying
39:55 It’s okay to change your mind
42:29 Is there bullying in PICU?
43:18 How did you switch units?
48:22 How to assess if the unit or area is for you
50:29 Say something if you’re being bullied at work
52:33 End of show

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