EP 106: Oncology Pediatrics with David Metzger

Oncology Pediatrics with David Metzger

Children can get sick, and that is normal. However, a child’s cancer diagnosis can be harrowing for the parents and other family members. Why do children get sick with cancer? Is it a genetic thing? Or is it happening more often than we think? 

Many things cause cancer, and if your child is diagnosed with it, how can you put their lives at ease? How can one deal with a sick child? 

In this episode, we would like to introduce you to our guest, David Metzger, a pediatric oncology nurse and father. He is the author of the upcoming book Nurse Papa: 16 Meditations From A Pediatric Oncology Nurse, exploring his role in caring for sick children while raising healthy kids. He is also the podcast host, also called Nurse Papa. 

Join us as we talk to David about oncology pediatrics, his book, and what’s it like being a nurse in this department. 

Questions We Asked:

  1. What do you do as a pediatric oncology nurse? 
  2. What is the biggest reward that you get working with oncology pediatrics?  
  3. What is one of the most significant challenges you face as a pediatric nurse?
  4. Do you think young kids understand what cancer is and the situation that they are in?
  5. How do you leave work behind taking care of ill children and transition into raising healthy kids as a parent?
  6. What have you learned on your journey of being a father, and what it takes to create a fruitful relationship with your kids?
  7. Can you share some of your favorite meditations from your book? 
  8. How do you create your work/life balance? 
  9. Is your experience different from being a male nurse working with pediatrics?

Catch more of David on Instagram at @nursepapathebook.com.

Book Available August 2021

Learn more about pediatric oncology in this episode. Click here for more 👇👇👇


00:00 Intro
00:10 Introduction of Guest
00:16 David Metzger
01:02 How is it working with Pedia and Oncology?
02:19 What is Pheresis?
04:32 Are kids aware that they have cancer?
06:07 Are kids with cancer aware that they will die?
07:43 How do you communicate or approach a child with cancer?
09:59 Were parents able to visit their sick children during the lockdown?
12:00 How do you transition from caring for sick kids to being a father?
17:15 Advice on how to separate work life from personal life
19:35 How do you deal with burnout?
22:31 Where were you in 1972?
26:28 The thing that people are most scared of when dying
28:58 Our body as vessels
29:28 About David’s book
30:03 Chapter Title: Meet Your Kids Where They Are, Not Where You Want Them to Be
30:36 A Patient Named Alberto
36:14 It’s OK to feel messed up sometimes
37:10 Being a Male Nurse
42:42 Stories are the best way to communicate with kids
43:54 How do you find work-life balance?
45:00 We’re forever changing beings
47:00 You can’t fix everybody
47:48 Why did you choose the word Meditating?
49:15 Being Present
49:35 How to have a fruitful relationship with your kids
53:26 Is the firstborn child an “experiment”?
55:05 Where to find David?
56:20 A word for all Nursing Students
57:14 End of Show

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