We Are Frontline Warriors

Who are the Frontline Warriors? 

We are the frontline warriors. Our movement is focused on creating a more conscious person by bringing awareness to your personal life and the world around you. 

Since 2018 we have persistently put out content in written, audio, and video, ranging from health, nutrition, to mindfulness.

As we engage in our environment and always strive for growth and better wellbeing, this leads us to always seek truth.

We learned that it mattered what you eat, how long you sleep, and how you spend your free time.

The more blog posts we have written, and research papers read, the we kept learning better ways to live that benefit the mind, body, and spirit. This began the journey of the exploration of the self.

The five senses which we consume life by, and the daily habits which we choose to do affect our life on every level.

The more we embraced the exploration of self and fine-tuned ourselves, we realized we have all the tools already within ourselves to find ourselves and free ourselves.

From any negative thought, feeling, or experience, through the infinite power of the mind. Initially, in 2020 we took on the challenge of running a 48 miles challenge that tests every ounce of ourselves to push past limits never done before.

Isn’t it crazy what you can do when you put your mind to it?

Frontline warriors were created on this infinite power you have within to change yourself and the world around you.

In a world of constant negative cycles, we need to push past that low vibrational frequency and raise our awareness through conscious living. Everything in life is vibration.

When you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease. 

We unpack conscious levels to find that common ground and spread awareness by living it, not in it

5 Pillars to Our Brand

  • Live it Not in It
  • Just Be
  • Inhale Exhale
  • Be well
  • Right now

Live It, Not in It 

  • Travel, explore, hobbies, unplugging, being connected with the source

Living the life that you have rather than being a product of society. Living it is a conscious lifestyle, a skill, an art. It’s not something you do just once, but a habit that you can form for the rest of your life.

Be conscious, and think about, everything you do. Make conscious choices rather than doing things without thinking. That’s all there is to it. It takes willful effort, energy, and constant vigilance to think about our choices. 

Living it goes beyond the traditional understanding of self-development, which clears up the illusion and the separation of self-development and spirituality. Conscious living introduces the concept that you are not just a separate person but interconnected among all.

Just like the relationship between the organism and the environment, that relationship is transactional. The environment grows the organism and the organism intern creates the environment. They’re all one process. 

Focusing on yourself

Living it not in it focuses on yourself, it requires self-exploration. In the same way you travel the world to gain insight into other cultures and experiences, you must explore your mind to gain insight into who you are.

Explore the world around you, and don’t forget to also search within yourself.

Ultimately life is all about the experience. Experience is not a tangible good, nor is it material, it is something that stays with you forever.

We pursue things with meaning, with value, and inevitably we go through the lessons in life. What experience are you living, live it or in it.

Worrying about what someone will say, how you will look, and what will happen in the future are all deterrents of just taking action right now. But how destructive are those worrisome thoughts? Two studies show their negative effects.

These studies show that constant worrying leads to negative mental health outcomes, sometimes we need to think less and do more.

    • This study breaks down worry into micro and macro. Micro is the worrying you do about yourself and the people close to you, and this micro worry has been shown to negatively affect your mental health. On the other hand, macro worries such as worrying about society or the world showed minimal to no significance [1].
    • This study shows if you keep worrying about yourself and the things you do, it will have negative consequences.
    • Another issue that holds people back is the perfectionist mentality.
    • The studies showed that persistent perfectionist thinking leads to more rumination in the brain, ultimately leading to “self and identity issues involving chronic self-uncertainty, self-doubt, a need for self-validation, and a chronic self-focus on the acceptability of dispositional characteristic” [2]

Just Be

  • Conscious Living, Self-awareness, and environmental awareness is in the present moment (awareness) 
  • Theory-based

What does it mean to “just be?” How does the flower live and grow without any knowledge or association to your existence? In simple terms, it just does. Just be aware of yourself. Be content.

Contentment is achieved through conscious effort and the practice of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Self Awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

Mindfulness is the first step basis for awakening. This is because mindfulness develops in us the power of concentration.

Through the power of concentration, we can receive insight and see the true nature of things.

2 Step Formula to Conscious Living

  1. Awareness – That is becoming aware of yourself and the world around you, what you consume daily by your senses, and how it affects your well-being. 
  2. Consumptions – Consuming wisely based on knowledge of eliminating, reducing, and avoiding things that don’t serve you and the world around you and promoting the things that add value.

Conscious living has to do with everything you do every single day. It doesn’t mean simply feeding yourself good things and avoiding the bad.

Conscious living is about looking deeply into everything that you do, the true nature of things. 

Just be aware of your presence and the presence around you.

Inhale | Exhale

  • Meditation, breathing, stretching, yoga (action)

Inhale and exhale, slow down and pay attention to your breath. It’s not merely commonsense advice. It also reflects what meditation, yoga, stretching, and breathing teach: that by focusing on the timing and pace of your breath you will have positive effects on your body and mind.

Breathing may be one of the most overlooked strategies to make you feel better. Stress has been associated with an increase in shallow breathing, which delivers less oxygen to your brain.

By adjusting or restarting your breathing pattern, you can increase the amount of oxygen reaching the brain.

Inhaled air delivers oxygen to energize your blood, while your exhaled breath clears toxins from your body. 

We take the breath for granted, yet it is essential to our existence. When you learn to control it, you begin to have greater control over your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Breathing meditation tips:

Don’t try to control your breath. Simply watch it. Fast or slow, shallow or deep, the nature of the breath does not matter. Your full attention to it is what counts.

Whenever you realize you’re thinking about something else, return your awareness to your breath. Don’t try to fight off thoughts. Just let them go.

Your mind will wander, and when you first start to meditate, you may be acutely aware of how active it is. Don’t worry about it.

Just keep returning your attention to your breath, letting go of whatever the mind wanders to. This is the essence of meditation: Letting go of your thoughts.

Everything comes down to your nervous system. A daily yoga practice, with breathing, can help counteract your fight or flight responses by increasing relaxation and restoring balance to your body and mind.

As you focus on breathing during yoga long exhales to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. A happy mind is a happy body.

Be Well

  • Nutrition, fitness, Conscious eating
  • 4 pillars of health: faith, function, fitness, food

What you consume in every aspect of your life will affect you and your consciousness. What you consume based on the human experience through your 5 senses will affect your mind, body, and soul.   

Epigenetics is basically the expression of how you eat, move, think, pray, and how you can relate. Your level of health is the genetic expression of your lifestyle choices. This is the leading cause of disease in society today.

You may think that most disease is passed on genetics but what if it’s really just based on lifestyle choices that have been passed through the way we teach our kids. 

You have physical stresses, chemical stresses, and we have emotional stresses. There is only one cause of disease and that is your body’s inability to comprehend itself or its environment.

That is why there is only one cure in disease, your body’s ability to heal itself.

Life is experienced through the nervous system based on what you eat, think, and move. It’s all about how you function, not how you feel. 

Your level of health is on a continuum, you’re either moving towards health, or you’re moving towards disease, and the choice is yours. Every choice that you make has a consequence. Be conscious of your choices.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The better we treat ourselves by being well will create higher life satisfaction. 

Fitness and movement are also crucial to being well because the nervous system controls every cell, every tissue, and every organ in the body, so you need it to function cohesively.

The better your fitness level, the better you move against gravity, and the slower your body will create wear and tear. 

To be well, it all comes down to lifestyle choices. 

Your Wellness is made up of:

  • Your beliefs
  • How you eat
  • Your hobbies
  • How you move 
  • How you see the world

Right Now – Taking Determined Action

  • Taking Action, Determination, Self-discipline

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. Right now is all about taking action, risks, and seeking challenges in life. Taking action is the foundational key to all success.

Taking action helps you overcome your fears and pushes you further outside your comfort zone. Constantly taking action will create positive cycles that will help you create the life you consciously want. 

The more willing you are to take on challenges, the more richness you’ll bring into your life and your world.

The best teachers are not the ones who simply explain the material but rather the ones who challenge their students to explain it. 

As Frontline Warriors we are the warriors that can combat any stressful situation that comes our way. Are you aware of the energy that you possess as a conscious human?

Take that energy that you possess and get after it. Action over thought.

On the contrary, not taking action can lead to living in a state of suffering; that is no way to live your life. The regret of not doing what you want, the lack of growth and confidence in yourself, and the negative self-talk all result in a lot of mental pain.

Emotional pain and suffering are known to be huge motivators for poor decisions that affect the quality of life negatively and even suicide.

In other words, living in that state can have a very negative effect on you, and taking action is the way out.

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08:31 The Steps to Becoming a Frontline Warrior
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12:10 Just Be
14:50 Inhale, Exhale
19:17 Be Well
22:55 Right Now
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