Memorable Patient Experiences

EP 125: Memorable Patient Experiences

Do you have any memorable patient experiences? It can be something you witnessed or that you were directly involved in.

How did this event affect you? What changes, if any, did you make in your actions or thinking?

What is one of the most memorable patient experiences in your nursing career?

As nurses, we have so many memorable nursing experiences that we will never forget. Some of them are hilarious moments. Others often involve life-long lessons. All the same, these memories and experiences gave our nursing life more meaning.

Your nursing career involves a wide variety of experiences and memorable patient experiences.

We have had some great ones; stories, events, and even advice from our patients

  • Lesson Learned/People Just Don’t Learn
  • Panthenol
  • Absence Based Recovery
  • Benzos
  • Bad Habits
  • Always Be Courageous
  • How People Who Pursue Their Phase Outside of Nursing 
  • The Ugly Part of Nursing 
  • The thing that Nursing Taught Me
  • Special Thing in Nursing
  • What’s also Cool about Nursing
  • A Shoutout for Nurses
  • Hosts’ Concluding Statement

What’s a travel nurse experience you’ll never forget? Here’s ours 👇👇👇


0:00 Summer Sale Offer for Nursing Students and Nurses
1:03 Introduction of Hosts
1:46 Most Memorable Nursing Moments
9:17 Lesson Learned/People Just Don’t Learn
11:10 Panthenol
11:37 Absence-Based Recovery
11:58 Benzos
12:13 Bad Habits
14:03 Always Be Courageous
15:42 How People Who Pursue their Phase Outside of Nursing
17:16 The Ugly Part of Nursing
19:10 Thing that Nursing Taught Me
23:07 Special Thing in Nursing
23:56 What’s also Cool about Nursing
28:33 A Shoutout for Nurses
31:58 Hosts’ Concluding Statement

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