Travel Nursing and Recruitment With Justin Allison

EP 131: Travel Nursing and Recruitment With Justin Allison

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Justin Allison, the Chief Growth Officer at Lead Healthstaff.

Justin has been in the travel nursing industry since 2001. He has been the #2 employee at a startup prior to opening up his own company. 

Justin answers the following questions in the podcast:

  1. Justin, give us a brief introduction about yourself.
  2. Based on your expertise, how do you cultivate a good nurse/recruiter relationship?
  3. What is the travel nursing job outlook for this upcoming winter and 2022?
  4. What do you think are the biggest challenges for travel nurses starting off?
  5. What is the mindset you need to continue overcoming obstacles the way you did in working and opening startups?
  6. Why do you need to start with WHY?
  7. What are your current obsessions?


0:00 Cup of Nurses Intro
0:53 Episode Introduction
2:00 Guest Introduction
2:27 Justin Allison’s Background
5:43 What does it take to do what you do?
6:44 Are you into starting and creating things?
8:22 Do you look for traits as a team player?
10:24 How do you figure out a toxic person?
11:55 What are the characteristics of a good travel nurse?
14:00 What annoyed you as a recruiter?
16:38 Are there penalties when you back out of a contract?
17:10 Have you seen an increase in the jobs available for travel nurses?
21:25 What to look out for in a good recruiter?
29:08 What is it important to start with why?
35:24 How often do you assess your “why”?
36:38 What is the hardest obstacle that you ran into?
38:47 What are the hardest things you’ve seen travel nurses struggle with?
42:31 Why do they not give out the hospital where you’ll be working?
57:44 Where can people find Justin Allison?

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