L&D Nursing, Management and Freelancing with Janine Kelbach

L&D Nursing, Management and Freelancing with Janine Kelbach

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Janin Kelbach.

Janin is the creator of a savvy nurse writer. She has a vast amount of experience in L&D nursing, OB, and management. 

We talk about her bedside experiences and how to use nursing knowledge to create a business.

  1. How did you get started? Was L&D your first choice after nursing school
    • What best advice can you give to OB/L&D nursing students/nurses, and what have you learned through your experience? Any cool stories, experiences, or a patient that you still remember today? 
  2. How did it feel, and what did you learn from going from an RN to charge to assistant manager to educator and instructor? 
    • As an educator/manager, what do you see nurses struggle with the most? A patient care, self-care, stress, ratios, etc…?
    • What kind of questions do nurses often ask on the unit?
    • What is some advice or help you gave to nurses that were struggling or stressed out?
  3. What made you go from full-time bedside nurse to PRN home care OB nurse?
  4. What made you get into writing and podcasting? Many nurses go into nursing with the goal of being an RN for the rest of their careers and shy away from pursuing other passions. 
    • What is some advice you can give to a nurse struggling to stay in nursing or a nurse that is debating on leaving?
    • Where and how can nurses start pursuing other passions?
  5. Why are chik fila and sweet potato fries your current obsession? 
  6. What is something you are currently working on or trying to improve?

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0:00 Cup of Nurses Introduction
1:35 Guest Introduction
1:56 Janine Kelbach Introduction
2:46 Advice for aspiring labor & delivery nurses
5:20 What nurses struggle the most?
6:25 Advice for new grad nurses
10:41 What are the characteristics you applied in facing nurse bullying?
15:45 Why did you switch to PRN OB?
21:55 What sparked your journey to entrepreneurship?
23:52 Advice to nurses who are scared to step away from the bedside
24:44 How did you get into podcasting?
25:50 What is the hardest part of starting a business as a nurse?
27:40 Advice for people that are struggling with writing
30:15 How can you help nurses in starting their businesses?
31:35 Why did you choose writing as a business?
32:10 How do you create a business from writing?
34:55 What are your other passion and endeavors?
36:29 What is your advice to stay organized?
37:50 What do you do in your free time?
38:27 Where can people find Janine Kelbach?

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