International Travel with Jonathan & Cat

EP 145: International Travel with Jonathan & Cat

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guests, Cat Rogers and Jonathan Pierre from Med Travel Hub! They have traveled to nursing for over 4 years and are passionate about finding a community for healthcare professionals.

Questions for our Guests

  1. Explain a little bit about your nursing background and how you got into it. 
    • Your experience and what you thought nursing was lacking or some problems you’ve faced.
  2. Why do you think travel nursing is becoming more popular
    • What does travel offer?
  3. Why do nurses leave their staff jobs?
    • What made you push for travel nursing?
    • Why is there a lack of value in nursing? How did you feel about it?
  4. What is Med Travel Hub?
  5. Why did you start Med Travel Hub?
  6. How does community play a role in value? 
    • People always have a need for belonging, and from that, we feel valued. Many nursing units lack a community within. 

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Cup of Nurses Introduction
2:10 Episode Introduction
2:36 Guest Introduction
4:43 What’s the biggest difference between New Yorkers and Californians?
6:29 Why did travel nursing become so popular?
7:37 What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the ER?
8:37 How many contracts have you had?
9:12 What are some struggles that nurses face across different hospitals?
16:10 How do you feel about being a travel nurse?
18:40 Tell us about your travel nursing community
25:12 How often do you go on a trip?
29:14 How do you organize International travel?
31:55 What countries are you trying to hit this 2022?
33:09 What are the requirements to travel?
35:20 Culture-shocking experience
39:53 Nursing is a business
50:48 Do you become more relatable as an international travel nurse?
52:38 Where can people find you?



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