International Travel with Jonathan & Cat

International Travel with Jonathan & Cat

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guests Cat Rogers and Jonathan Pierre from Med Travel Hub! They both have traveled to nursing for over 4 years and are passionate about finding a community for healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the questions that Jonathan and Cat answered for us:

  1. Explain a little bit about your nursing background, and how you got into it. 
    1. Your experience and what you thought nursing was lacking or some problems you’ve faced.
  2. Why do you think travel nursing is becoming more popular? 
    1. What does travel offer?
  3. Why do nurses leave their staff jobs?
    1. What made you push for travel nursing?
    2. Why is there a lack of value in nursing? How did you feel about it?
  4. What is Med Travel Hub?
  5. Why did you start Med Travel Hub?
  6. How does community play a role in value? 
    1. People always have a need for belonging and from that, we feel valued, many nursing units lack a community within. 

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Cup of Nurses Introduction
2:10 Episode Introduction
2:36 Guest Introduction
4:43 What’s the biggest difference between New Yorkers and Californians?
6:29 Why did travel nursing become so popular?
7:37 What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the ER?
8:37 How many contracts have you had?
9:12 What are some struggles that nurses face across different hospitals?
16:10 How do you feel about being a travel nurse?
18:40 Tell us about your travel nursing community
25:12 How often do you go on a trip?
29:14 How do you organize International travel?
31:55 What countries are you trying to hit this 2022?
33:09 What are the requirements to travel?
35:20 Culture-shocking experience
39:53 Nursing is a business
50:48 Do you become more relatable as an international travel nurse?
52:38 Where can people find you?



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