EP 214: getting a job after nursing school

EP 214: How to Land Your First Nursing Job With Benjamin Baker

In this episode, we interview Ben Baker, a current ICU travel nurse, and new grad coach, about how to succeed in your first nursing job. We discuss new grad nurses’ challenges, how to thrive in your practice and best practices for resumes and interviews. We also touch on how healthcare facilities can better invest in and retain new nurses and the issue of “nurses eating their young.” Join us for an informative and engaging conversation!

It’s totally normal to feel both excited and nervous about starting your first shift as a Registered Nurse. Take a deep breath and remember you’ve worked hard to get here. To help ease any anxiety, take some time to prepare for success. You’ve got this! Join us for an informative and engaging conversation!

Questions for Our Guest

The questions below are some we’d like to tackle. We often go off-topic, so we don’t expect to hit them all. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

    1. Can you give us a background about yourself and some of the experiences you’ve had throughout your career that bring you here today?
    2. What area(s) do you think new grad nurses struggle with?
    3. How do you cultivate resilience as a new grad – to see your “mess” as a “message”
    4. What are the best tips you can give to nurses getting ready for their interview? 
    5. What are the key things to remember when writing your nursing resume?
    6. How do you stand out as a new grad to get hired?
    7. How do you think healthcare facilities can better invest and retain new nurses coming into the workforce?
    8. How do we cancel the call light on nurses eating their young?


Ending Questions

Before we end the show, we have one last question we like to ask all our guests.

If you had the opportunity to have a Cup of coffee with anybody one last time, who would it be & why? 



Coaching: www.nextlevelnurses.com

To watch the full episode:👇👇




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