suez canal and vaccine deaths

Suez Canal Mishap and Unreported Covid 19 Vaccine Deaths

In recent news, the Suez canal has been unable to be used as a major transportation route for ships all over the world. Ever Given became lodged in the canal and crews are working effortlessly to free it. Shipping analysts estimate the traffic jam has held up nearly $10 billion in trade each day. 

Will there ever be a day when Covid-19 won’t be a news topic? This week we explore covid 19 vaccine-related deaths. Just like with any medication there are side effects and even risks of death. We hear great praise about the covid 19 vaccines but we have yet to see anyone talking about the 900+ serious reactions leading to death after administration. The CDC has a system called VAERS that keeps track of all the adverse reactions to vaccines, from light symptoms like headaches to serious adverse reactions leading to death [1]

What’s going on in the Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is a 120-mile-long waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean sea to the Indian Ocean. It enables more direct trafficking between Europe and Asia, eliminating the need to go around Africa, and cutting shipping and travel times by days or weeks. It takes about 13-15 hours for ships to move through and it has no locks to interrupt traffic. It’s the world’s largest canal without locks.

The Canal was built by French investors in the mid-19th century and took about 10 years to build, costing about 100 million dollars and requiring an estimated amount of 1.5 million workers. 

On 3/26 a 1,312 ft, 200,000 metric ton ship containing 18,000 containers got stuck in the canal. It created a 300 ship traffic jam, costing companies about 10 billion dollars of daily delays. Many attempts were done to free the boat with no success. They are now banking on a high tide that should raise water levels about 18 inches to help free the ship [2].

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Alibaba have been affected by these issues and shoppers might see some delivery delays. It is also causing oil and natural gas prices to rise in Europe and all over the world.

Covid 19 Vaccine Deaths

The Covid 19 vaccine has benefited many people and has saved many lives. We are not discrediting the vaccine’s effectiveness, we are discrediting the media outlets for not giving you the full picture of the situation. There have been over 900 covid 19 vaccine-associated deaths according to the CDC. This data, however, is hard to find and no one is speaking on it [3]

What makes the data even harder to spread is the inability to share a direct link. This is how you access the reports of covid 19 associated deaths. 

  1. Go on this link >
  2. Agree to the disclaimer
  3. Press on the request form tab
  4. Group results by symptoms, vaccine type, serious, VAERS ID
  5. Scroll down and change the dates so it reads, from January 2020 until January 2021
  6. Press send. You’ll get all covid 19 vaccine deaths for the month of January

Why are these not being shown to us?

This data is hard to reach because they want to boost as much vaccine confidence as possible. It is common sense to have serious and non-serious side effects to new medications but why is it not being talked about? They don’t want to scare you away from getting the vaccine, which then skews public opinion about the vaccine. 

The truth is the vaccine has side effects that can exacerbate certain conditions that will lead to death. The corporate media has the same interest in mind as other corporations and they all have tied together, their goals are to generate views and income. They don’t have your best interest in mind, if they did they would be honest about the facts.

Looking through some of the majority of the deaths of them are the elderly, which makes sense given their medical histories. The most vulnerable are going to have the most adverse effects. That is also most likely why they promote vaccination in the younger population, less health histories lead to less likelihood of adverse reactions.

Some news outlets are saying that the deaths are being misinterpreted because people aren’t dying directly from the vaccine but from other causes. This was the same case with covid 19 where people weren’t dying of covid but other complications, however, that was not being misinterpreted. 

To learn more about the Suez canal mishap and covid vaccine deaths, check out the full video here 👇


00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Topic introduction
01:45 – Fun Facts about Suez Canal
04:20 – What happens in the Suez Canal?
05:10 – The cost of freight delays
07:40 – China’s plans of making a new freight route
10:33 – We’re not Anti-anything!
12:00 – Deaths due to Covid vaccine
15:28 – List of Adverse Effects of Covid vaccines
16:50 – Number of vaccine-related deaths
24:40 – Fun Fact: Cereals
26:27 – The Nike Shoes
28:33 – We lost our values
33:10 – Male and Female differences
36:00 – Different People Push for Different Things
39:54 – Equality is a False God
44:16 – History is Knowledge
46:10 – Marketing doesn’t always have to be a product
49:00 – Pain is inevitable
50:26 – Covid vaccine passports
53:22 – How bad is covid that we need Covid Passports?
55:00 – We’re always changing
57:21 – All about profit
1:00:00 – Words are a form of hypnosis
1:02:00 – Science is beautiful
1:03:15 – Monocropping and artificial meat
1:06:31 – Wrapping up the show!


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