Three Centers of Intelligence With Janna Thomason

EP 137: Three Centers of Intelligence With Janna Thomason

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Janna Thomason, an Enneagram Practitioner. She offers in-depth insight to individuals based on their three centers of intelligence; the mind, heart, and gut.

Find out more about what Enneagram is and how it can help you find a deeper understanding of how you view the world.

  1. Janna, you have an amazing array of nursing specialties: Trauma/Burn Intensive Care, Critical Care, Post-Anesthesia Care, Nursing Professional Development, and Nursing Informatics. Can you tell us about all those units and your experiences?
    • Why did you shift through those specialties? Many nurses think that whatever unit they start on is the one they should end on, and that is a major fallacy.
  2. You have battled through your own set of adversity and struggled with your husband and father. How did you feel during those times, and how were you able to help yourself? 
  3. Why did you leave the bedside or the nursing setting?
  4. What is an Enneagram Practitioner, and how did you get involved with it?
  5. How do you figure out someone’s Enneagram, and how can they use it to look at their past and future?
  6. Can you help Matt and Peter find their Enneagrams?
  7. Burnout and PTSD, we currently are not in the Post phase, at least for some nurses. What is your experience with burnout?
    • How do you help nurses in that situation?
    • Your FB group
  8. Current obsession and why?
    1. Kayaking, building a barn, watching dogs on TikTok

Want to know more about the centers of intelligence? Watch the full Episode 37 here 👇



0:00 Cup of Nurses Introduction
1:43 Guest Introduction
2:04 Janna’s Nursing Experience
4:30 Advice to new grads
5:05 What made you jump from bedside to informatics?
7:55 Day-to-day activities of an informatics nurse
8:49 How did you start being an entrepreneur?
11:24 What can you recommend to stressed-out nurses?
12:59 What affects burnout outside nursing?
14:00 When did you become aware of your own burnout?
16:19 How did you transition to helping people through your business?
17:50 What is Enneagram?
18:45 How can Enneagram help a person?
22:20 How do you figure out your motivational factors?
24:47 What category do nurses fall into?
27:24 Do you use other assessments?
29:48 Have you tried implementing the Enneagram numbers in the workplace?
30:48 What kind of questions do you ask when doing Enneagram?
31:10 What is the Enneagram?
40:04 Who is your inner critic?
41:07 What women criticize most within themselves?
43:53 How do you break the mindset of being not good enough?
44:50 How do you practice self-love?
50:50 What is your current obsession?
54:08 Where can people find Janna Thomason?

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