EP 120: 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

5 Habits to Incorporate into Your Life

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stagnating in life or just can’t seem to figure out what to change, we have a list of 5 habits for you to start incorporating into your life outside of work and inside. We always try to better ourselves or change in some way, you usually start with a self-reflection and then some research.

Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that the best habits are fostered when introduced by someone else with life experience. 

5 Important Habits to Practice

  1. Create a Schedule
    1. What is something you enjoy doing in the morning or what is something you currently do that you enjoy? Maybe you like to meditate, work out, read, or enjoy a healthy breakfast. Whatever it is that makes you feel supercharged, kickstart your day with that habit. 
    2. Establishing a meaningful morning ritual helps you start your day on a positive, proactive note. Having a structured start to your day instead of rushing to make up for the lost time also helps eliminate stress, and mental fatigue and enhances your productivity.
    3. If you don’t know where to start, a good idea is to plan out your morning the prior night. You don’t have to plan out your whole day just think about 1 or 2 things you’ll do after you wake up.
  2. Do not stay up too late
    1. What we’ve noticed throughout the years as being the number 1 reason people stay up late is control. People’s lives get busy and some people almost lose control. So just like some drug users seek drugs because their life is in shambles and drugs are the only control they have, you seek to have control oversleep. This type of control is bad because you are tired, your body is saying sleep. You control when you go to bed and you will not let your body tell you who is boss. This is negative control because you lose sleep by staying up too late and this turns into a vicious cycle. 
    2. You can’t comprehend the effect and importance of going to sleep on time or early. You have more functioning day hours and you’ll feel great and more accomplished. Studies show that ⅓ people don’t get enough sleep. Don’t be one of them [1]
  3. Learn to single-task
    1. There are many people out there that say you need to multitask. What they don’t tell you is that only about  2.5% of people can actually multitask efficiently [2]
    2. It’s a simple concept that you think is inefficient simply because math always told you 2 are greater than one. That is not the case in life. Most people are a lot more efficient doing 1 thing at a time. This is especially true at work. Most jobs require you to handle one thing at a time, many people try to do more than one, and then their productivity dwindles and you can’t figure out why things are not getting done.
    3. This goes along well with prioritizing. What is due first, what is something you want to do first, and what is most important are good things to ask yourself before starting that first task. 
  4. Listen and be kind
    1. This sounds cheesy but it really works. Some people are struggling in life and just a simple conversation lights up their spirits. We all need outlets and the greatest outlet is speech. It is really that simple. Not only will you make someone’s day you will also learn something. This is also important at work, especially in the medical field. Just by actively listening you can figure out what is going through your patient’s head. You’ll be better at treating not only their medical issue but you’ll also be helping them on a mental and emotional level.
    2. What goes around comes around but if you want to change your life, you must also give something good. What energy you give to this world you receive back. Too many people surround themselves with hate and anger and you can feel it. There is too much negativity in this world so start doing kind things for others. It would blow your mind how much good advice and free things you can get just by being nice. People are at different points in life and in situations, we might not be able to comprehend. Share the love and you’ll get love back. 
  5. Always try to learn
    1. By this, we mean to try and experience everything. Changing your life is possible. Conquer your fears inside of work and out. Treat every experience as a learning opportunity. Try and do new things.
    2. Being uncomfortable is the area for growth. Learning is hard and it’s usually uncomfortable because you are dealing with something unfamiliar. 
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