EP 134: Pediatrics and Parenthood With David Metzger

EP 134: Pediatrics and Parenthood With David Metzger


Can you combine pediatrics and parenthood? In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest David Metzger. David is a Pediatric oncology nurse, host of the Nurse Papa Podcast, and also an author. He has recently written a book titled Nurse Papa 18 Meditations on Parenthood From a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. 

Catch the full episode as David shares his experience being a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and father of two as he answers the following questions:

  1. We last spoke to you in March/April; how has life changed?
  2. Has pediatric oncology changed since you started nursing?
  3. How has the pandemic changed your unit/care/protocols?
  4. Are there a lot of pediatric oncology children suffering from covid?
  5. What made you write 16 Meditations on Parenthood From a Pediatric Oncology Nurse?
    • Can you tell us what the book is about?
    • In your opinion, what is the biggest struggle for the parents of the children you care for?
    • What really puts a smile on a parent’s face?
    • How can families cope with a child that has cancer?
    • How do you fill your own cup to be rejuvenated again for your family?
  6. What are some mistakes/things you’ve learned from having kids? Since you have 2 children, how have you grown as a parent from the first one?
  7. New hobby with water activities, how is SUP?

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Catch more on David by watching the full Episode 134 here 👇



0:00 Cup of Nurses Introduction
1:27 Guest Introduction
1:54 David Metzger Background
2:31 How do you balance being a pediatric nurse, father, and husband?
6:11 Struggles of children because of the pandemic
9:00 Meaningful life lessons from children
17:40 How can families handle pediatric deaths
23:43 Struggles of parents having kids in pediatric oncology
26:13 How do you keep the positive energy from your patients to your family
28:20 Learnings and advice for newbie parents
34:18 Profound moment with the book
47:23 Hobbies outside work
51:18 Where to buy Nurse Papa book

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