EP 135: International Nursing with Tanya Freedman

Ep 135: International Nursing with Tanya Freedman

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Tanya Freedman. Tanya Freedman is the founder of Connetics USA and is an expert in international nursing. And we can say she is a career matchmaker.

Connetics USA specializes in medical placements and working across a range of disciplines within the medical industry. They also provide highly-trained nurses that meet every requirement of their client companies.

Some of the questions that we asked Tanya:

  1. Tanya, tell us a little bit about your life. Where did you come from, and how did you end up where you are today?
    • Tanya, how did you get started with Connetics USA?
  2. Why do nurses want to come to the US?
    • Better pay?
    • More opportunity?
  3. We know many countries differ from the US. Have you noticed any common struggles faced by nurses in other countries?
    • Poor living conditions, poor hospital environment, lack of career opportunities? 
    • Is there a particular story or stories that really stand out to you from any of the international nurses you’ve placed?
  4. How do nurses from other countries differ from nurses in the states? 
    • What are some benefits of hospitals and care facilities in hiring international nurses?
  5. What is the process for international nurses to get work in the states?
    • Do they need a visa?
    • Does their degree transfer over?
    • Do they need to retake the NCLEX?
    • Short-term contracts? Longterm contracts?
  6. How has Covid and the pandemic affected you and Connetics USA

To learn more about international nursing, watch the full Episode 135 here 👇


0:00 Cup of Nurses Introduction
1:41 Guest Introduction
2:17 Tanya Freedman’s background
3:17 What made you start your business?
4:18 Why do nurses want to go to the USA?
5:26 What is the difference between International and US healthcare?
7:40 Memorable international nurse story
9:52 Do you place nurses in all states?
10:51 How does the international nurses’ contract work?
12:36 Can international nurses switch units?
13:30 Do you have to pass the NCLEX to work in the US?
16:34 How do visas work for international nurses?
17:44 Do you see hospitals hiring international nurses now?
19:36 What is the timeline between passing the NCLEX and starting working?
22:44 Do international nurses pursue higher education?
24:14 Do they bring their family over to the US?
25:27 Changes in Immigration laws
28:28 What are the struggles of international nurses when they arrive?
31:48 Do hospitals help in the process of hiring?
33:37 Is it hard to get a green card in certain countries?
35:46 What’s the country with the highest number of applicants?
38:32 Facebook group and Instagram Live
41:48 What is your current obsession?
43:49 Where can people find Tanya Freedman?

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