Real Estate Investing with Savannah Arroyo

EP 143: Real Estate Investing with Savannah Arroyo

In this episode, we would like to introduce our guest Savannah Arroyo. Savannah is a pre-operative nurse with prior administrative experience.

She started investing in Real Estate in 2020 and is growing her real estate portfolio. She explains how you can harness the power of nursing and use it to your advantage in real estate.

Get inspired by her journey, find out how she started investing in real estate as a nurse, and how you could start investing too.

  1. What is your nursing background, and how did you get started in nursing? 
  2. When and why did you start a career in real estate? 
    • What are multifamily syndications?
      • ​​Multifamily syndication is a real estate investment with multiple investors pooling their money to purchase the asset. There is a sponsor that locates the deal, coordinates the transaction and financing, and manages the investment once the deal has closed.
  3. How has the housing industry changed over the last few years?
    • Most popular states?
    • How has the pandemic affected the housing market?
  4. How can you help someone get started in real estate investing?
    • What are some barriers to entry? 

​Learn what real estate investing is in this full episode. Click here for more! 👇👇


0:00 Introduction
0:48 Sponsor Ads
2:45 Episode Introduction
3:02 Who is Savannah Arroyo?
4:03 What it’s like in pre-op?
4:46 How did you shift from bedside to admin?
5:52 What’s more stressful, bedside or admin?
8:08 Tips for administrative roles
10:24 How to transition from management to real estate
11:40 What’s the difference between single-family with multi-family?
14:03 Should you start with a single home or multi-family?
17:02 Do you recommend people to get an education in real estate?
23:31 Where do you invest in the US?
29:37 How has real estate changed in the past few years
36:37 What is the projection of the real estate market?
44:35 How do interest rates work?
47:29 How to invest with you in real estate
50:37 What do you do in your free time?
51:32 How do you stay organized?
53:50 Where can people find Savannah Arroyo?

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