EP 54: Podcasting in Nature

Podcasting in Nature

After eight months of staying in California, it’s time for the well-deserved break from travel nursing. Today were are travel nurses podcasting in nature. Join us as we spend time away from the hustle and bustle of work and life. 

No matter how busy our life gets, we should always spend time with nature. There’s nothing better than fresh air and clear skies. Besides, what better way to relax than being with your surroundings? 

Being travel nurses, we are privileged to take mini-vacations in between contracts. To start our break, we took a little RV trip for two weeks exploring the Pacific West to reconnect with ourselves and keep grounded amidst all the chaos in reality and the internet.

Why is camping or hiking beneficial to you? Not only is it an adventure, but it can also make you happy and teach you lessons you can’t learn in a classroom setting. It improves your immune system as you get lots of sun exposure. It also teaches you resilience, be resourceful, and be patient. 

We strongly recommend taking these mini nature trips to take some time away and experience calmness once in a while. Not just for nurses but for anyone who has been working so hard to strengthen their mental health.

While reconnecting with nature, we prepared this episode to show you how peaceful and relaxing it is to reconnect, camping, and podcasting in the wilderness. Follow our trip by watching our vlogs on Youtube to inspire your next getaway.

There’s more to nature. Find out about it by watching the full episode here 👇


0:00 – Intro
0:33 – We took an RV trip
1:53 – Why We Took a Break from Travel Nursing
2:50 – The Beauty of Travel Nursing
3:00 – Nature Allows Us to Disconnect from Our Chaotic Lives
5:00 – We Can Function Without Our Phones
7:10 – You and the Elements
8:25 – Take a Mini Trip
9:10 – Learn about Nature
11:55 – Synchronization
15:00 – An Eye-Opener
20:10 – Conforming to Society and the Opinion of Others
22:00 – The Polish Way
25:33 – Lessons from Our Experiences
26:10 – Understanding Yourself
29:50 – Wrapping up

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