14 Ways to Impress People Around You

14 Ways to Impress People Around You

As human beings, it is normal to want to impress and find ways to impress people. We can admit that impressing others has become an inner desire that motivates our lives. Instead of looking inward and satisfying our emotions, we see outward searching for acceptance from peers.

How do you impress others?

We post on social media our most significant moments of joy to make sure all our followers notice how happy we are. The craving to impress others impacts the brand of jeans we wear, the type of car we drive, the technology we use, and even the career we choose.

But are the name-brand products, fancy cars, newest technology, and career paths really that impressive? Eventually, fashion changes, cars rust, and the materialism you used to impress others have become not so impressive after all. This old lifestyle soon begs us to impress and start the cycle again.

The truth is, we often look to impress in all the wrong places. The question is, how do we spark a long-lasting impression?

If you think that the tangibles you bear can impress the people around you for a long time, then you are mistaken. It might only grasp their attention temporarily, ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Take a moment to think about your close friends who genuinely impress you. What is it about their life that is so impressive? Infrequently, it’s not tangible items, such as an expensive watch or a high-paying career.

What is impressive are the intangible qualities such as a person that loves what they do for a living, is always smiling, and has positivity in every breath they take.

Would they impress you? My point – social status is nice, but does he/she enjoy what they’re doing in their life? Wouldn’t you prefer a person that bleeds with passion and is great to be around?

Here are imperative ways to impress people around you:

1. Be generous

There is no better exercise on this earth for your heart than the gift of reaching out to people. Give your time and energy to others without expecting anything in return. The giving of your life is one of the most impressive things you can do, and the feeling of accomplishment will be beyond your imagination.

2. Be your true self

Often we act based on the group of individuals we are around. Far too often, we spend time worrying about people’s perception of us, and how people want us to be. Eventually, you forget who you truly are. Stop letting people have the chisel to sculpt how they want you to be.

You don’t have to be perfect in people’s eyes to impress them. Simply, being you is enough to impress and inspire them by showing that you can deal with your imperfections.

3. Smile often 

Every individual that you walk past enjoys a genuine smile. Not only is smiling a superpower of positive people, but it can also surely impress people with the confidence you carry. When you pass someone that smiles at you, that person suddenly doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore.

4. Care about people

If you don’t care about other people, then they won’t care about you. Merely helping others says a lot about your character. If you find time in your heart to care, they will find a place for your action in their hearts, creating a long-lasting impression.

5. Promise less, deliver more

When you make a promise, you make a person feel great at that moment. But if you fail to accomplish your commitment, that person will feel discouraged and frustrated. You can impress people around you by under-promising and over-delivering. Underselling your capabilities can boost personal value in the eyes of others.

6. Take responsibility for your action

One thing I can’t stand… lying. The truth always reveals itself anyway, so why do it? Own up to your action/mistake, fix it if you can, and move on.

7. Eye contact

It’s surprising to see how many people don’t have great eye contact. Eye contact is one of the most astonishing forms of personal communication. It locks in closeness and human interaction by letting the person know you’re engaged in the conversation.

8. Say their name

People love the sound of their names. When you address people by their name, it adds a personal spin to the conversation by engaging them in the discussion. By remembering their name, it affirms your attentiveness and creates a sense of comfort between both parties.

9. Be modest

In other words, be humble. No one wants to hear you rant about your achievements. I’m sure some are important, but that won’t leave a long-lasting impression. You’re special, unique, and talented. Less effort is made to emphasize your personal accomplishments. The more people will appreciate your presence.

10. Appreciate others’ opinions

Discussing with a person that has an open mind creates a judge-free atmosphere. Being able to shamelessly express your thoughts and feelings about a broad range of topics without a filter is refreshing. Many people influence the way you think or need to think.

Don’t be ashamed to voice your opinion, but most importantly, be willing to accept others’ opinions that differ from your own. Taking the time to listen and understand where the person is coming from will help you develop a higher level of thinking, try to see things from a different perspective than your own.

11. Be positive

Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad. It’s all based on the way you perceive things. The circumstance will be negative or positive based on your outlook. Either you succeed at it, or you learn from it. Eventually, you’ll enhance your optimism within situations, becoming a more positive person. Your positivity will rub off on everyone around you, creating a long-lasting impression.

12. Be attuned to the present moment

In this world, everyone and everything can’t stop moving fast enough. We are talking to someone, but we aren’t there mentally, instead, we’re thinking about the future. Do this! Eyes focused, listen, put your cell phone down. Someone who finds time is a gem and is highly appreciated.

13. Master tough times

Remember a situation is neither good nor bad, only how you perceive it. Everyone goes through tough times.  For example, In an argument, people react with emotion, which causes the F*** word to be used and anger to be felt. Be that person that stays cool, calm, and collective, be the one that de-escalates the situation. You will become a gem that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of people.

14. Travel

The world is an immense place. Go out and explore different cultures and countries. It will change you, and you will become better because of it.

Closing Thoughts

Having good hygiene with some nice clothes is a start to a good impression, but it takes a little bit more to create a long-lasting impression. Stop trying to impress people with possessions. Start inspiring them with who you are and how you live your life. Intangible qualities are far more impressive than tangible qualities. Whether you want to boost your impact on business, romance, or social life, make your impression count.

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