Truths of Life

Truths of Life

In the game of life, we often find ourselves with more downs than ups. More sad moments than happy moments. The truth is we usually wait with hope for something to just happen, things to just change direction and only get better. Sometimes we need some tough love to open our eyes to the harsh truths that make us stronger. 

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” -Abraham Maslow

Truths That Will Make You Stronger

Life Isn’t Fair

We spend the majority of our lives waiting; waiting for something to happen, waiting for something to begin, waiting for something to end.  Nothing comes simple. Luck isn’t what brings success, but rather hard work is what turns dreams into a plan and that plan a reality. Wake up every morning with the mindset of going further than you did yesterday.

Only Person That Can Make You Stronger is You

External influences can boost your mood, but for how long can others sustain your happiness? The origin of happiness comes from your relationship with yourself. Have a date for yourself and discover things that you have not before. The bottom line is; in the long run, nothing matters more than the way you feel about who you are on the inside.

The World Owes You Nothing

You can be the most intelligent person in the world, the funniest, and be the most attractive, but if no one is aware of these traits, you’ll get nothing out of them. We all feel entitled as if the universe owes us something? Listen. You are left with two options; either you continuously feel sorry for yourself because you deserve more or you step into the world, and you take what is attributed to you. Take a hint, which choice do successful people take? Be grateful. Be humble. Conquer your day. Being alive and healthy is a privilege.

There May be no Tomorrow

Death is a part of life. Nothing can prepare us for the earth-shattering feeling of losing a loved one. The truth is, at this very moment, you have someone planning something for tomorrow without actualizing the possibility of not having a tomorrow. Spend your time intelligently and appreciate the present moment. Don’t put off making that phone call or visiting your family members that you haven’t seen in a while.

Not Everyone Will Support You

You can’t pose meaning to everyone and everything. Unfortunately, in life, there isn’t a shortage of haters, doubters, and Debbie Downers. You know that lasting happiness comes from you. Therefore, trust your instincts and forget about the people that doubt you. In this society, we are always worried about gratification from others. Forget them. Concentrate on doing what you know in your heart is just.

You Can’t Control Everything

We all know those people that have a tight grip and micro-manage each situation. Letting go sometimes is the best option, as it’ll give an opportunity to grow and allow for things to unfold as they are meant to be. I’ve sometimes learned that the events that are least planned turn out better than the events that are planned to the T. This doesn’t mean that you should have the mentality for everything of “wait and hope.” Still put in 100% dedication, but relinquish your grip and trust the universe, which will make things right.

Failure is Inevitable

We may fail a few times, and it devastates us. We quickly judge, seeing ourselves as failures. The truth is, you are too hard on yourself. Whatever your aim is in life, you’ll never be 100% sure it will work, but you can 100% guarantee nothing will work if you don’t put in an effort. Look at the positive note of failure. It makes you learn a lesson, build strength, gain experience, and increase your chances of achieving the goal you set out to complete.

Information is Not Knowledge

The information does not equal true knowledge. Knowledge can only be achieved through direct experience. The first-hand experience that you expose yourself to will genuinely help you understand what is meant by the information. An example was learning how to start IVs on patients. I can read a manual 100 times on the technique, even descriptions of the feeling when you’ve hit the vein. The information only gave me an understanding. Until I do the task hands-on, I will achieve knowledge, reasoning, and intuition.

Nobody is Too Busy

Guy or a girl never responded to you? How many times were you going to do something and told yourself “I will just do it later”? It is just a matter of priority. If you haven’t got a text/call from someone, it’s because they deliberately chose not to answer. People that tell you I don’t have time are simply telling you “You are not important.” Harsh truth but the sooner you learn this, the sooner you’ll make time for the people that share equal importance. Everyone has time; it’s just a matter of priority.

You Will Never be 100% Ready

We have always been told to make a decision when 100% ready. “Be ready before making the big decision.” Our parents protected us from ideas and truths we were not prepared to learn about. We have been conditioned to be thoroughly committed and ready before making the right decision. The fact is, nobody feels 100% when an opportunity arises. Waiting for the perfect moment will never happen because only experiences and lessons will prepare you for what is next in life. The most significant moments in life force us to grow beyond our comfort zone.

Closing Thoughts

When an opportunity arises will you be the person that accepts the challenge of growth, or step back into safety?

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