Why You Should Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is not for everyone. This is one of the only areas in healthcare where you can simultaneously travel and work around the US. If you have doubts about becoming a travel nurse, here are the reasons why you should consider becoming a travel nurse in the future. 

1. There is career growth.

One main reason some nurses enjoy being travel nurses is the career opportunities. When you travel to different medical facilities, there is always a chance to meet other healthcare professionals. It allows you to build your network and learn new skills while on the job. Creating connections as references for future work is excellent when you are a travel nurse. Also, working in different locations shows how adaptable you are to change, and there is a chance you can land a permanent position. 

2. The schedule is flexible.

As a travel nurse, you will work for short-term employment. It means you get hired to work within a specific timeframe. Because of this setup, you can choose the days for your vacation and work. You have time to do other things or focus on yourself and rest. This kind of freedom is not something you see in other jobs, so if this is not a good reason to become a travel nurse, I don’t know what is. 

3. You have higher pay. 

By standards, travel nurses earn around $25 to $40 per hour more than staff nurses [1]. However, since most hospitals are short-staffed, travel nurses are in high demand. You can expect higher offers and more opportunities to work overtime with shift differentials each time you get hired. Sign-on bonuses and contract renewal incentives further increase your income.. 

4. There are fewer workplace politics. 

It is not uncommon for a workplace to have some drama. When you work in a permanent hospital setting, tensions can arise. It can cause conflicts and arguments among staff nurses. However, if you are a travel nurse, you can avoid these situations. You don’t need to be involved in whatever drama is going in your work setting. All you have to do is go to work and fulfill your duties as a nurse. You can focus on your position and provide better care for your patients. 

5. There is a chance to live your dreams. 

Becoming a travel nurse gives you a chance to live out your best life. If you are into adventures, meeting people, and going to different places, this is the perfect job. You can choose the location for your next assignment, which means you can have time to do whatever you want. Whether hiking or checking local brunch spots, it is good to know that you are not so tied down with a staff job. 

6. They have reimbursements.

As a healthcare professional traveling to work can seem expensive. However, plenty of travel nurse agencies can reimburse you for your expenses on gas, scrubs, and other things you need for traveling. They can arrange everything for you; even better, some agencies allow you to bring your spouse or beloved pets. 

Your Takeaway

The outlook for travel nurses has never been better. As the pandemic continues to roll, more and more nurses are needed across the country. If you are a registered nurse looking for something more, becoming a travel nurse is an excellent opportunity. With the increasing demands and higher pay, this could be an opportunity of a lifetime. Send us an email or reach out on social media, and we can help you get started. t. We hope that you find this post enlightening; good luck out there!



Be a Travel Nurse and Work in These Top 10 Best Places 

Be a Travel Nurse and Work in These Top 10 Best Places 

Be a Travel Nurse and Work in These 10 Places 

So, you are a nurse who is looking for something new to do. You love your job set-up in the healthcare facility you currently work in, but your mind wanders. It would help if you had an adventure. You need to fuel your passion! If this is your current mindset right now, sign up to be a travel nurse and get to choose ten of the best places for this job. 

#1. Alaska

With stunning views and a vast space for fishing, Anchorage, Alaska, is home to the largest hospital in the state, the Providence Alaska Medical Center. Travel nurses who enjoy camping, fishing, and boating will surely enjoy Alaska. The growing healthcare industry and great pay are why many travel nurses chose this destination for work [1]. With the city’s unique features and long sunny days, Alaska is ideal for those interested in working here as a nurse and enjoying the outdoors. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreens! 

#2. California

Cali is home to excellent teaching hospitals, including the UCLA Medical Center and UCSF Medical Center. Not only that, but California also has one of the highest-paying nursing salaries in the country. If you love learning and visiting California’s famous landmarks, this is an exciting place to choose! If you love beaches, California has plenty, and if you are a wine enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the endless array of vineyards there too. There are plenty of places to explore so you will surely love your time here. 

#3. Texas

If you want to work in Texas, Austin is the place to be. Ranked as one of the most popular locations for travel nurses, Austin is a fast-growing city with a high density of healthcare facilities to keep the flow of contracts constant. Besides the booming healthcare industry, Austin is also a hub for entertainment. If you love food, music, and festivals, Austin is your next best destination.

#4. Florida

Another popular destination for travel nurses to work in is Florida – Miami, in particular, is a rather popular state to be in. If you are looking for warm weather and beaches, Florida is an excellent choice. It is a popular location for nurses who enjoy spending time at the beach after a long day at work. And if you love exploring popular tourist attractions, Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. They also offer epic nightlife destinations like the Design District, Downtown, and many others. Overall, it is a well-rounded city with many things to do after your shift.

#5. Hawaii

As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to work in different locations. If you want to work far from the usual continental U.S. sights, you can apply for work in Hawaii. However, this may be steep competition as it takes time to get approval for a license. But with patience, you, too can land an assignment here. Just be reminded that Hawaii is not exactly the place for travel nurses who want to earn top dollar, but if you are longing for an experience of a lifetime, this is it. 

#6. Colorado

Colorado is a compact nursing state which means a license in one state allows you to work assignments in another, just like Texas. If you choose urban life, Denver is an excellent choice to work and be a travel nurse. After your work, you can enjoy the breathtaking views the Rocky Mountains have to offer. If you love skiing, Colorado has plenty of winter sports activities that you will surely love. Not only that, since Colorado is a compact nursing state, you can attain greater work mobility without complications. 

#7. New York City

Whenever we talk about New York, we always think of tall skyscrapers and high-rise apartments. But when it comes to healthcare facilities, New York is one of the best. They are known for medical centers like the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Mount Sinai Hospital. As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to work in one of the best cities without a permanent commitment. In addition to that, New York is home to prestigious art galleries, museums, parks, and restaurants. This state is also one of those that offer nurses high salaries – which helps in the expensive nature of the city [2]

#8. Arizona

If you are looking for travel nursing opportunities requiring low-cost living, go to Arizona. Tucson City offers travel nursing opportunities that you might like. Among the best features this city offers include food scenes, music, a predominantly younger demographic of university students and many retirees. So, if the desert life suits you, you might as well look into this location for travel nurse assignments.

#9. Washington

Working in Washington is a great choice for coffee lovers who are also traveling nurses. Seattle is one of the top cities in this state that offers good pay for nurses. With the current nursing shortage in this city, it is an excellent opportunity for you to grab and find an assignment. As the coffee capital of the United States, you will surely enjoy this city. If you love farmer’s markets, you can visit the Pike Place Market, considered the world’s oldest farmer’s market. They also offer museums for you to check out – the Museum of Pop Culture and Museum of Flight are among the best tourist attractions you can find here. 

#10. Chicago

As the United State’s third-largest city, Chicago is home to some of the country’s largest and most prestigious healthcare facilities. However, with the current pandemic, Chicago also faces nursing shortages, and the demand for nurses has pushed average salaries to over $70,000 per year. If you have plans to be a travel nurse in this state, do it. Not only will you enjoy working here, but you will also love the skyscrapers and their famous Millenium Park. 

If the location you would like to be a travel nurse in is not listed here, don’t worry. Many hospitals still need nurses, so you can choose wherever your passion takes you! And if your favorite destination is listed here, grab the chance to work today; good luck!

The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

Just like any job, travel nursing has its pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, travel nursing is an excellent job, but knowing the pros and cons will help you make the right decision. Do you plan to become a travel nurse? Has travel nursing been on your mind? Here are the pros and cons of travel nursing that you should know.

Worse Things About Travel Nursing

Before we get to the good part, we will first talk about the cons of travel nursing. It will give you an insight into why travel nursing isn’t ideal for all nurses. 

No paid time off 

Understand that not all travel nurse companies pay their nurses during their day off. It means you will not be paid if you want to go out of town to visit your friends or family during your time off or in between contracts. 

Does this also include your sick days off.? Sometimes, your living stipend can be deducted for the days you missed. This is something you need to be aware of. 

Taxes could be your nightmare.

As a travel nurse, you are constantly on the move. That said, you will be claiming your income in different places of work too. Filing multiple income tax returns can be daunting. It also needs to be clarified as different states may have other requirements for travel nurses. You could make mistakes along the way. And because of this, you might need to hire a professional to do your returns to avoid errors. So besides paying taxes, you will also pay someone to do it for you. That’s double expenses on your part. 

You’re always in new and unfamiliar places.

If you need help adjusting to a new environment, being a travel nurse can be a lot to take in. As a travel nurse, you will be assigned to unfamiliar places, and you have to learn the ropes once you get there. It means you will constantly need to learn the policies and procedures of the facilities you’re assigned to. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the area you’re temporarily living in. And if you find this uncomfortable, it will be a struggle for you.. 

Pay rates may vary.

Besides the possibility of not getting paid on your day off, you will also have to deal with varying pay rates. Understand that not all travel nursing companies pay their nurses the same rates. Some of them may offer lower pay, but you have benefits, while others may pay higher but offer no r benefits. Some states also offer higher wages for travel nurses, while others only pay a little. If you prefer earning fixed wages, there may be better opportunities than travel nursing. 

The “new guy” role

Since this job includes traveling to different places for work, there’s a stigma of being the “newbie” on the job. There’s nothing wrong with being the new guy on the job, but it can get tiring to constantly be treated as someone new or not really part of the unit. it also feels lonely when you’re alone in a new setting, and making friends can be challenging. Even if you’re a good person who wants to interact with people, it may still be difficult to fit in. So you have to take time to adjust to flying solo. 

Work assignments can sometimes suck

As the new guy on the team, you will sometimes get assigned the worst patient load.. Sure, you may not care too much because it’s part of the job, but sometimes, you don’t want to be the one that always gets the worst assignment. It may not always be the case, but you can’t avoid it. You’ll eventually get assigned to a set that no one wants. 

The work schedule is not always favorable.

Your job is to fill in as additional nursing staff to healthcare facilities that need help. It also means that you need to work their schedule. There will be times when you’re assigned hours you don’t like or on days you don’t want. It will affect your schedule and plans in many ways. Most of the time, you will be working the night shifts too. If this bothers you, it may be difficult to adjust to in the long run. 

Floating assignments

Your assignment as a travel nurse brings you to many places, but at the same time, it also gives you assignments you won’t like. One of these is being assigned as a float nurse. Although you’re supposed to be placed in a specific area, you will also be assigned as a float nurse due to staff shortage. 

As a float nurse, you’re sent to another unit to help as a staff besides the unit you were assigned to first. And their healthcare facilities have policies in which travel nurses are the first to float around units. That said, you will have to learn everything about the unit you float to and be the new nurse in a new place all over again. So, if you don’t want to do this kind of assignment, you may have to think twice about becoming a travel nurse. 

Licensing issues

Each state has a different licensing requirement for travel nurses. Some require their state license, while others are okay with your current one. But as you progress into your travel nurse career, you will need a couple of licenses in different states, and obtaining them can be challenging and costly. And if you choose to avoid getting multiple licenses, this can limit your contract choices. So, not only is it costly, but it’s also time-consuming to complete. 

A contract can be canceled at any time.

There will be times when your contract gets canceled before it even starts. It could be because the hospital you’re assigned to feels like they no longer need to fill in the travel nurse position. When this happens, you end up with no job. It’s even uncomfortable when you’re already in the location waiting for your shift to start, then all of a sudden, your contract gets canceled. What will you do then? This is one disadvantage of travel nursing that you need to be prepared for. You must have a backup plan in case this happens. 

Homesickness is an issue.

When you’re a new travel nurse, being homesick is normal. But if you still get homesick even after years of being a travel nurse, there may be a bigger issue. Accepting a contract in a location near your family and friends may ease this longing. However, your travel nurse assignments may only sometimes be near your home. If this is going to be an issue for you, you need to rethink your decision to become a travel nurse. 

Best Things About Travel Nursing

Travel nursing has some disadvantages, but it is also very rewarding. If you love nursing and traveling, this is your ideal job. So, what are the advantages of being a travel nurse? Here’s what you need to know. 

There’s job security.

Travel nurses will always have a job. There’s a need for nurses all over the country. Remember that we’re still dealing with the pandemic, and nurses must care for these complex patients. Hospitals always need nurses, and there will be vacancies to fill. The number of nurse retirees and nurses that left the profession because of the pandemic is countless. So, the need for staff nurses is always there. Travel nurses will never be out of jobs in the future, that’s for sure. 

Pay is Great

One of the best advantages of being a travel nurse is earning a six-figure salary.. In some cases, some hospitals can even increase the travel nurse’s pay if they need staff. It’s an excellent opportunity to grab. You can expect to get paid higher than the permanent employees at any hospital you’re hired in.. 

The chance to travel 

Travel nursing is an excellent option for you if you’re a nurse with a wanderlust. By the job title itself, you always have the chance to travel all over the country. Not only do you get to travel, but you can also live in different places where you’re assigned. If you love working and exploring various places, this is your dream job. 

No workplace politics

Drama at work is inevitable. It is a real problem when you stay in one job and work with the same people for years. Be a travel nurse to avoid getting tangled in workplace politics. All you have to do is show up for work, get paid, and leave. You don’t have to attend meetings, participate in clubs, or deal with the politics of your unit. Sounds like a dream to me. 

Meeting and making new friends.

You will always be the new nurse as a travel nurse, but you can always make friends. Traveling as a nurse is more fun when you meet new people and make friends. The experience becomes more memorable. Not only do you get to meet people, but you also make connections. And these connections can help your career in the future. Now that’s a win-win situation! 

It teaches you life skills.

When you become a travel nurse, you will find yourself in situations that are not normal. You also leave the comforts of your home and everything that you know. As a travel nurse, you set out into the unknown. You will have to use every survival and critical thinking skill you know to adapt to the changes and new environment. It also enhances your communication skills and builds your resilience. 

There’s flexibility

You may not get paid on your day off, but you have control over your working hours. It is one of the advantages of this job. Unlike permanent positions, travel nurses can apply for vacation and get certain days off in their schedules. You can plan as many activities as possible because you can choose which days you want to work and days to slack off. If this is your kind of thing, we recommend becoming a travel nurse today. 


Your travel expenses, uniforms, and nursing license expenses can be reimbursed by the company that hired you. So, besides your take-home salary, you also have additional payments through reimbursements. It’s like starting your career for free.

Your Takeaway

Being a travel nurse is a mixture of leisure and work. It may be challenging at first, but as your work pushes on, you will realize it’s not all bad. Travel nursing has many benefits if you like to be on the go and enjoy working as a nurse. It’s a practical job if you wish to remain untied to long-term positions. So, why not try it for a couple of months and see how it goes? You’ll never know what’s in store for you!

5 Unique Travel Nursing Career Paths You Must Try

5 Unique Travel Nursing Career Paths You Must Try

5 Unique Travel Nursing Career Paths You Must Try

Regarding nursing career paths, travel nursing opens up many unique opportunities. When you work in this field, there is no telling where you can go or your next assignment. The good news is that if you crave adventure and exploration, being a travel nurse is an exciting career. 

As a traveling nurse, you have plenty of opportunities to go around the country for work and make memories. But you can also avoid the hospital setting to enjoy this line of work. You can go out of your comfort zone and explore other paths to nursing. Here are unique travel nurse jobs that you might consider doing.

Cruise Ship Nurse 

Do you love traveling the seas? Becoming a travel nurse on a cruise ship is a different experience that you should consider. With an average of 3,000 guests, a nurse on board is a must. Many cruise ships hire a team of nurses to help their passengers in medical emergencies. 

To become part of a cruise ship nurse team, you must be an NCLEX-RN with at least three years of full-time experience and an ACLS or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification. 

Flight or Transport Travel Nurses 

Flight or transport-trained medical nurses help accompany patients when they are transported by aircraft. Most of the time, these patients are in advanced critical care, and it is the flight nurse’s responsibility to care for the patient while in transport. Many flight nurses are needed in rural areas that don’t have medical resources for emergencies.

To become a flight nurse, you must have 3-5 years combined ICU/ER experience and certification as a Certified Flight Registered Nurse or CFRN. You’ll have even better opportunities if you have flight and navigation experiences. 

Resort Nursing 

Working in this field exposes you to many unique travel nurse locations, cultures, and people. You can work in luxurious hotels in tropical countries or high-end ski resorts. Wherever you want to go, you always have options to choose from. As a travel nurse working in a vacation resort, you will be the primary point of medical contact for tourists and guests. 

To qualify for this position, certifications in first-aid and CPR are needed. You must also have strong communication skills, and speaking a different language is a plus. A resort nurse also interacts with resort guests, mainly if you apply for a resort overseas or in other countries. You must also meet the license and degree requirements needed for the country you choose to work in. 

Humanitarian Nursing 

A humanitarian nurse is one of the best career paths in nursing that you can pursue.  Nurses travel world with medical organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the International Medical Corps. They hire nurses to help them respond to global crises and emergencies. They help immunize children in villages and provide medical assistance to countries or places where natural disasters are on high alert. 

You must have a few years of nursing experience to qualify for this position. You must also take relevant courses in humanitarian health provided by NGOs or universities. They also prefer nurses with a second language, so it’s a good advantage if you’re bilingual or multilingual. 

Camp Nursing 

Do you enjoy working with kids in the summer? If you love exploring the wild and campfires, then becoming a camp nurse is an ideal travel nurse job. You get to work with kids to ensure they are healthy enough to explore the outdoors across the United States. You have to determine what type of camp benefit most from your expertise and background. Many camps specialize in specific activities and focus on children with cancer, mental disabilities, and other special populations. 

There are no specific certifications to become a camp nurse, but you must be certified and trained in CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. 

Be a Travel Nurse Today

Travel nursing is an exciting nursing field that opens doors to different opportunities. You get to meet other people, know many cultures and will touch so many lives with your profession. If this sounds like your dream job, go ahead and start sending out your applications! It’s still possible to pursue a travel nursing career. It may be the opportunity you are looking for!


Things to Know About Being a Crisis Travel Nurse

Things to Know About Being a Crisis Travel Nurse

Things to Know About Being a Crisis Travel Nurse

Being a crisis travel nurse has its perks, but it comes with real responsibilities too. One of these responsibilities is when you respond to a crisis. As a crisis travel nurse, you must assist wherever this crisis calls you. If you are interested in working as a travel nurse, it is best to understand what you are getting into and how it can help you as a travel nurse. 

Things to Know About Being a Crisis Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to go to different parts of the country and offer assistance. That said, it is also one of your jobs to answer in times of crisis. A crisis contract is crucial to get things started. But, what do you need to be qualified as a crisis travel nurse? Here’s what you need to know. 

There are no additional requirements for travel nurses with crisis contracts. However, you are most likely able to qualify further if you have the following RN certifications:

  • Certification in Critical Care Nurse
  • Certified Emergency Nurse
  • Certification in Pediatric Nurse

To become certified in these departments, you must have an Associate’s Degree, BSN or MSN. Higher degrees are even better. You must also have experience working in Cardia Care units, Surgical ICUs, ICUs, trauma units, transport, and flight operations, specializing in emergency or life-threatening conditions [1]


Every job has a contract to follow, and a crisis contract is not different. However, there are a few differences that you should know. They are as follows:

The crisis assignment of travel nurses often comes without warning. An event can happen anytime, like a natural disaster. The pandemic is one example of a crisis that went without any notice. Often, a crisis assignment is face-paced and involves high-stress levels. The duration of your job will also depend on how long the crisis is at hand. While the pay is higher for crisis travel nurses, it can be demanding.

Benefits of Being a Crisis Travel Nurse

The crisis assignment of travel nurses often comes without warning. An event can happen anytime, like a natural disaster. The pandemic is one example of a crisis that went without any notice.

Often, a crisis assignment is face-paced and involves high-stress levels. The duration of your job will also depend on how long the crisis is at hand. While the pay is higher for crisis travel nurses, it can be demanding. 

As a crisis travel nurse, there are benefits when you accept the job. One of them is the benefit of a high paid salary. Because of the demands, you can receive 10-100% more than regular nursing staff jobs [2]

You also get to obtain housing, food, and incidental allowances, as well as bonuses for extra shifts. There are also additional shift incentives, primarily if you work night duty or when the health care facility is short-staffed.  

While this sounds good, there are also some downsides to being a crisis travel nurse. For one, you don’t know how long your contract will last, or it will be dropped at the last minute. It can also be an inconvenience because a crisis is not planned. The work is also demanding and often involves critical situations. So, you don’t know what you are in for. 

Before Agreeing to Be a Crisis Travel Nurse

Before agreeing on the job and taking on the risks, remember these three things before signing your contract. 

  • Always consider the location – before you agree on the job, always consider the place of your assignment first. Take the pandemic, for example; some states have higher Covid-19 cases than others. It is also essential to do your research before signing up for the job. 
  • Follow safety protocols – taking a crisis travel nurse job always involves risks. It is also why the pay is higher compared to other nursing jobs. If you are deployed for a job during this pandemic, wearing the proper PPE while at work, wearing face masks, and social distancing are vital. Of course, each crisis differs, so it is best to observe safety protocols. 
  • Consider the pay – crisis travel nurses are paid higher than usual because of the risks involved. However, be on the lookout for agencies that offer ridiculous salary amounts. Often, these contracts are cut off short because of budget reasons. It is also why you should consider contracts with reasonable pay to avoid losing them. 

Being a Crisis Travel Nurse Today is Vital

If you are already a travel nurse, you don’t need many requirements to work in this field. However, working with a good travel nursing agency is a must to set you up with the right job. Your recruiter can help guide you and provide insight on your next crisis travel nursing assignment. Make sure to work only with the best.


10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Travel Nurse Today

10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Travel Nurse Today

10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Travel Nurse Today

Of all the nursing career paths to choose from, travel nursing is perhaps the most flexible one of them all. This post will talk about the different reasons why you should be a travel nurse today. Read on for more.

10 Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse

If you consider a different area of nursing to work in, a travel nurse is an excellent choice. Do you love traveling? How about exploring various locations? Perhaps you want a broader network in terms of work? If you answered yes, this job is the right one for you. Here are fifteen of the best reasons to become one. 

1. You get to travel around the country.

One of the main reasons many nurses sign up for this job is the job title itself, TRAVEL NURSE. It means you get to go across the country (or world) for it. Now, if this tickles your fancy, go ahead and find an agency that can help you get an assignment. 

2. Advancement in your career.

Like any other nursing career, there is also career growth in travel nursing. Of course, you get to grow this job at your own pace. With your experience as a travel nurse, many medical staffing agencies can help find you a job that matches your skills and specialty. So, don’t worry about not getting a job as there will always be one open for you.  

3. You get to enjoy the location of work.

One of the best things about this job is that you get to enjoy the location before saying you are done with it. A typical travel nursing assignment can last around three weeks to 3 months. If you enjoyed working in the health care facility you are assigned to, it feels more like a vacation than work. Not a lot of job has the same opportunity. 

4. There is job security in travel nursing.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an estimated job increase of 16% until 2024 in the travel nursing department over the next few years. That means your job is safe and secure even in the coming years. 

5. Contracts are flexible.

One of the reasons you should become a travel nurse is that the contracts are flexible. It means you are not stuck on one long contract as most assignments are short-term. That said, you avoid experiencing nurse burnout as you don’t have to deal with work-related stress all the time. 

6. Sign-up bonus.

Travel nurse agencies offer sign-up bonuses to nurses who want to become travel nurses. If you are looking for extra income while working, this could be an excellent opportunity to grab. 

7. You get low-cost or free housing. 

When you sign up as a travel nurse, your agency will offer stipends for your housing needs. Some agencies will even cover the housing expenses for their travel nurses, so you don’t have to worry about where to stay on your next assignment [1]. 

What’s even better is that you will live with other travel nurses or live close to them when you are assigned to a new location. There’s never a dull moment when you work this job.

8. Pay is great.

As travel nurses, your work is not full-placement; this means you get to enjoy a high salary. A travel nurse’s salary is 33% higher than the average staff nurse’s. An average income for travel nurses is $75,330 to $108,000 per year [2]. And if this sounds like a good deal for you, you better sign up as one soon! 

9. Paid health insurance

Since you are traveling for work, travel nurses can rest with the thought that your health insurance is paid. Many medical health agencies pay their travel nurses’ insurance before sending them out. It saves you time and effort securing one. 

10. Traveling is paid.

You don’t have to worry about your next assignment or what to pay for. Many travel nurse agencies secure that their nurses are not only paid for work but also for traveling. You can be in Hawaii for summer before you know it, given that you have an assignment there, of course! 

Bonus points as travel nurses:

  • You can save enough money for your retirement.
  • Your network expands as travel nurses can work with different people in the medical field. The more contacts you have, the more exciting opportunities await you. 
  • Getting a multi-license is possible. Since you work in different states, you will need licenses too. Your travel nurse agency can help you acquire these licenses to get you going for work. 
  • As you move around for work, there is always a chance for continued education. You never stop learning as a nurse, and this line of work is the perfect fit for you. 
  • Some travel nurse companies offer referral bonuses to nurses who can refer others to sign up for them, and if your agency provides the same, then lucky you!

Working as a travel nurse is exciting and perfect for those who want to earn more. Hopefully, the list above convinced you enough why you should become a travel nurse today. Good luck!