EP 205: 9 Qualities of a Good Nurse

EP 205: 9 Qualities of a Good Nurse

9 Qualities of a Good Nurse

In this episode, we will discuss the nine qualities of a good overall nurse. It is undeniable that nursing is a noble profession that requires a unique set of skills and qualities.

It is not an easy job, and nurses must possess several qualities that make them stand out. In this podcast, we will discuss nine qualities that every aspiring nurse should strive to have.

1. Be a team player – hard work ethic.

One of the most important qualities of a good nurse is being a team player with a strong work ethic.  Nurses should be willing to work collaboratively with their colleagues and be proactive in helping them.

Even if your shift is difficult, can you still go out of your way to help another nurse? What if you’re busy and your co-worker wants a 15 min break? Will you say no? Do it for the squad! In some units, you know the team got you back.

2. Learn to communicate with everybody on the healthcare team

Communication is another critical skill that every good nurse should have. Nurses interact with several people, including patients, families, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

Therefore, excellent communication skills are a must. Nurses should be able to convey information, listen actively, and respond appropriately. Effective communication ensures that patients receive quality care and that the healthcare team works together seamlessly.

3. Flexibility in your shift – going with the flow

Flexibility is also crucial in nursing. Nurses must work flexible hours, including night shifts, weekends, and holidays or even deal with floating multiple times a shift as we did in our travel nursing contract.

Flexibility helps ensure that patients receive the care they need and that the healthcare team is adequately staffed. Can you float as a nurse without negatively impacting your team?

4. Don’t be hyper-independent and not help others

While nurses need to be independent and resilient, they should also be careful not to be hyper-independent and not help others. Nurses work in teams, and every team member should be willing to help their colleagues.

Being a team player means being willing to lend a helping hand, ask for help when needed, and work collaboratively to achieve the best patient outcomes. This is what makes you a high-quality nurse to be around. 

5. Having empathy – compassionate 

Empathy is another crucial quality of a good nurse. Nurses should be empathetic and compassionate towards their patients.

They should be able to connect with their patients, show them kindness, and provide emotional support. Having empathy helps patients feel valued, understood, and cared for, which can positively impact their recovery.

6. Emotional Stability – Tempered 

Nursing is a challenging job that can be emotionally draining. Thus, a good nurse should be emotionally stable and tempered.

They should be able to manage their emotions, remain calm under pressure, and handle stressful situations effectively.

Emotional stability helps nurses provide quality care and maintain a positive work environment.

7. Attention to detail 

Attention to detail is another critical quality for nurses. Nurses are responsible for administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and providing treatments. Therefore, they should be meticulous and detail-oriented.

Paying attention to detail ensures that patients receive the right medication, dosage, and treatment, which can significantly impact their recovery or potentially cause harm.

8. Problem-solving skills – a Critical thinker 

Problem-solving skills are also essential for nurses. Nurses encounter complex problems daily and must be able to solve them effectively. A good nurse should be a critical thinker and possess problem-solving skills.

They should be able to assess a situation, identify the problem, and develop a plan to solve it. If you don’t know how to solve the problem, who can you escalate the situation to (chain of command)? 

Problem-solving skills help nurses provide quality care and improve patient outcomes.

9. Patient advocate 

The core of nursing is centered around being a patient advocate. They should speak up for their patients, protect their rights, and provide the best possible care.

Being a patient advocate requires nurses to be knowledgeable, assertive, and proactive in advocating for their patient’s needs.

In Closing

In conclusion, becoming a successful and effective nurse involves possessing several qualities. These qualities include being a team player, having excellent communication skills, being flexible, empathetic, emotionally stable, detail-oriented, possessing problem-solving skills, and being a patient advocate.

Every aspiring nurse should strive to possess these qualities to provide quality patient care, maintain a positive work environment, and achieve the best outcomes for patients.

Do you have all the qualities of a good nurse? Check out the full episode here 👇👇👇


00:00 Introduction
02:09 1. Be a team player – hard work ethic
04:00 2. Learn to communicate with everybody on the healthcare team
06:03 3. Flexibility in your shift -going with the flow
09:50 4. Don’t be hyper-independent and not help others
13:32 5. Having Empathy – Compassionate
17:53 6. Emotional Stability – Tempered
23:47 7. Attention to detail
27:02 8.Problem-solving skills – Critical thinker
29:53 9. Patient Advocate
35:02 Wrapping up the show