EP 101: Workplace Culture and Patient Ratios With Chrissy Massaro

EP 101: Workplace Culture and Patient Ratios With Chrissy Massaro

EP 101: Workplace Culture and Patient Ratios With Chrissy Massaro

In this episode, we’d like to welcome Chrissy Massaro. Chrissy is a CRNA that helps young professionals thrive in healthcare. She helps medical professionals improve workplace culture, build resilience, and advocate for safe nurse-to-patient ratios

Questions for Chrissy:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you get to where you are today?
  2. How was life in the CVICU? Are the memes true? 
  3. When did you realize how prominent negative workplace culture can be? What’s a good way for nurses to improve workplace culture?
  4. Many people still don’t realize how crucial patient ratios are. It leads to a lot of tough shifts, it’s hard to handle, but it’s one of the situations where we get it done no matter what. At the moment, we get through it, take care of business, and deal with it after work with poor outside-of-the-workplace habits. How important are safe patient ratios?
  5. Medical professionals have the most stressful jobs. There are really challenging sides to those careers. How crucial is it to develop good habits and build resilience inside and outside of the workplace?
  6. When did you realize your talent for TikTok and your obsession with plant-based recipes?

Get to know Chrissy through her Instagram at @chrissycrna.

Learn how nurses can benefit from the right nurse-patient ratio here 👇👇👇


00:00 Intro
00:20 Welcome to the show
00:47 Guest introduction
01:17 About Chrissy Massaro
03:02 CVICU Nurses
05:12 Social work to Psychology major to Nursing
07:10 Bullying in Nursing
08:57 How can we improve the toxic nursing culture?
11:04 Working with unfair nurse-to-patient ratios
13:55 How do you manage stress as a CRNA?
15:35 What’s what thing you’d like to change in healthcare?
20:40 How can nurses stop competing with each other?
26:04 Setting boundaries
29:05 How to set boundaries for ourselves
32:05 How to destress
36:10 How is it to be CRNA during the pandemic?
41:28 How to deal with lingering feelings about our work
44:02 Did your views on nursing change?
46:16 A piece of advice for nurses and CRNAs
50:11 Where to find Chrissy Massaro
52:43 End of show