5 Awesome Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse Recruiter 

5 Awesome Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse Recruiter 

5 Awesome Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse Recruiter 

As a travel nurse, your travel recruiter must be willing to work with you and help you when you need them. And while being a travel nurse is exciting, having a trusted nurse recruiter is one of the keys to success.

How can they help you? What are the excellent qualities of a reputed travel nurse recruiter you should look for? 

The Best Qualities

A successful travel nurse job relies on how good your nurse recruiter is. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and many end up with a recruiter that isn’t as helpful. So, here are the qualities you should look for when working with a travel nurse recruiter. 

1. Must have extraordinary communication skills.

A recruiter’s ability to communicate is vital to the success of a travel nurse. They must have an open line of communication and be in close contact with those new to travel nursing.

Even pros in travel nursing still need to contact their recruiter in case of emergencies or when a contract suddenly gets canceled. 

Being in a new place and starting a new job in a different part of the country as a nurse can be an overwhelming experience for new travel nurses.

It is essential that nurses feel supported by their recruiters so they don’t feel alone during this transition. 

2. Honest and has integrity.

An excellent recruiter will tell you how it is whether you are trying to decide if a travel nursing job is the one for you or dealing with a situation while on contract; your recruiter must know how to relay facts and information as accurately as possible.

However, this must be a two-way relationship. 

To build good relationships with your recruiter, you must also be open to communication and constructive criticism. You must know how to communicate your needs and be upfront about your expectations.

Your recruiter must also reciprocate this honesty. And be the help you need, whenever and wherever.  

3. Pleasant to work with.

Anyone who isn’t pleasant to work with brings down the excitement of the job, right? The same goes when you are working with a recruiter.

Look for a friendly travel nurse recruiter who is open to good interaction.

They must also be kind, compassionate, and caring. In short, they must also have nurse-like qualities.

Find someone with who you can have a genuine connection. You’ll not only work with recruiters but may also build lifelong friendships with them. 

4. Must be patient

Our society is fast-paced, and everyone is in a hurry to do anything. Travel recruiters must have one of the most-needed qualities: patience.

Look for a recruiter who takes the time to listen and answer your questions.

Find someone who can provide you with the reassurance you need. And find a recruiter that has the patience to help you through each step of the process. 

5. Trustworthy

How can you work with a recruiter that you don’t trust? It sounds ridiculous if you ask me. That said, you need to find a trustworthy recruiter.

As a travel nurse, you need someone honest, attentive, and dedicated to your needs.

A travel nurse recruiter that wants to know you and treats you fairly, and understands that not all positions fit everyone. 

In Closing

If you can find a recruiter with all these qualities, then consider yourself lucky. It’s hard to work away from your family and comfort zone as a travel nurse, so finding a recruiter that stands by you is like having someone you can call a friend.

Make sure to take note of these outstanding qualities, good luck!

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The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The Best and the Worst Things About Travel Nursing

Just like any job, travel nursing has its pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, travel nursing is an excellent job, but knowing the pros and cons will help you make the right decision.

Do you plan to become a travel nurse? Has travel nursing been on your mind?

Here are the pros and cons of travel nursing that you should know.


Worse Things About Travel Nursing

Before we get to the good part, we will first talk about the cons of travel nursing. It will give you an insight into why travel nursing isn’t ideal for all nurses. 


1. No paid time off 

Understand that not all travel nurse companies pay their nurses during their day off.

It means you will not be paid if you want to go out of town to visit your friends or family during your time off or in between contracts. 

Does this also include your sick days off? Sometimes, your living stipend can be deducted for the days you missed.

This is something you need to be aware of. 


2. Taxes could be your nightmare.

As a travel nurse, you are constantly on the move. That said, you will be claiming your income in different places of work too. Filing multiple income tax returns can be daunting.

It also needs to be clarified as different states may have other requirements for travel nurses. You could make mistakes along the way. And because of this, you might need to hire a professional to do your returns to avoid errors.

So besides paying taxes, you will also pay someone to do it for you. That’s double expenses on your part. 


3. You’re always in new and unfamiliar places.

If you need help adjusting to a new environment, being a travel nurse can be a lot to take in. As a travel nurse, you will be assigned to unfamiliar places, and you have to learn the ropes once you get there.

It means you will constantly need to learn the policies and procedures of the facilities you’re assigned to. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the area you’re temporarily living in.

And if you find this uncomfortable, it will be a struggle for you.


4. Pay rates may vary.

Besides the possibility of not getting paid on your day off, you will also have to deal with varying pay rates. Understand that not all travel nursing companies pay their nurses the same rates.

Some of them may offer lower pay, but you have benefits, while others may pay higher but offer no r benefits.

Some states also offer higher wages for travel nurses, while others only pay a little.

If you prefer earning fixed wages, there may be better opportunities than travel nursing. 


5. The “new guy” role

Since this job includes traveling to different places for work, there’s a stigma of being the “newbie” on the job.

There’s nothing wrong with being the new guy on the job, but it can get tiring to constantly be treated as someone new or not really part of the unit.

It also feels lonely when you’re alone in a new setting, and making friends can be challenging. Even if you’re a good person who wants to interact with people, it may still be difficult to fit in.

So you have to take time to adjust to flying solo. 


6. Work assignments can sometimes suck

As the new guy on the team, you will sometimes get assigned the worst patient load. Sure, you may not care too much because it’s part of the job, but sometimes, you don’t want to be the one that always gets the worst assignment.

It may not always be the case, but you can’t avoid it. You’ll eventually get assigned to a set that no one wants. 


7. The work schedule is not always favorable.

Your job is to fill in as additional nursing staff to healthcare facilities that need help. It also means that you need to work their schedule.

There will be times when you’re assigned hours you don’t like or on days you don’t want. It will affect your schedule and plans in many ways.

Most of the time, you will be working the night shifts too. If this bothers you, it may be difficult to adjust to in the long run. 


8. Floating assignments

Your assignment as a travel nurse brings you to many places, but at the same time, it also gives you assignments you won’t like.

One of these is being assigned as a float nurse. Although you’re supposed to be placed in a specific area, you will also be assigned as a float nurse due to staff shortage. 

As a float nurse, you’re sent to another unit to help as a staff besides the unit you were assigned to first. And their healthcare facilities have policies in which travel nurses are the first to float around units.

That said, you will have to learn everything about the unit you float to and be the new nurse in a new place all over again.

So, if you don’t want to do this kind of assignment, you may have to think twice about becoming a travel nurse. 


9. Licensing issues

Each state has a different licensing requirement for travel nurses. Some require their state license, while others are okay with your current one.

But as you progress into your travel nurse career, you will need a couple of licenses in different states, and obtaining them can be challenging and costly.

And if you choose to avoid getting multiple licenses, this can limit your contract choices. So, not only is it costly, but it’s also time-consuming to complete. 


10. A contract can be canceled at any time.

There will be times when your contract gets canceled before it even starts. It could be because the hospital you’re assigned to feels like they no longer need to fill in the travel nurse position.

When this happens, you end up with no job. It’s even uncomfortable when you’re already in the location waiting for your shift to start, then all of a sudden, your contract gets canceled.

What will you do then? This is one disadvantage of travel nursing that you need to be prepared for.

You must have a backup plan in case this happens. 


11. Homesickness is an issue.

When you’re a new travel nurse, being homesick is normal. But if you still get homesick even after years of being a travel nurse, there may be a bigger issue.

Accepting a contract in a location near your family and friends may ease this longing. However, your travel nurse assignments may only sometimes be near your home.

If this is going to be an issue for you, you need to rethink your decision to become a travel nurse. 

Best Things About Travel Nursing

Travel nursing has some disadvantages, but it is also very rewarding.

If you love nursing and traveling, this is your ideal job. So, what are the advantages of being a travel nurse?

Here’s what you need to know. 


1. There’s job security.

Travel nurses will always have a job. There’s a need for nurses all over the country. Remember that we’re still dealing with the pandemic, and nurses must care for these complex patients.

Hospitals always need nurses, and there will be vacancies to fill. The number of nurse retirees and nurses that left the profession because of the pandemic is countless.

So, the need for staff nurses is always there. Travel nurses will never be out of jobs in the future, that’s for sure. 


2. Pay is Great

One of the best advantages of being a travel nurse is earning a six-figure salary. In some cases, some hospitals can even increase the travel nurse’s pay if they need staff.

It’s an excellent opportunity to grab. You can expect to get paid higher than the permanent employees at any hospital you’re hired in. 


3. The chance to travel 

Travel nursing is an excellent option for you if you’re a nurse with a wanderlust. By the job title itself, you always have the chance to travel all over the country.

Not only do you get to travel, but you can also live in different places where you’re assigned.

If you love working and exploring various places, this is your dream job. 


4. No workplace politics

Drama at work is inevitable. It is a real problem when you stay in one job and work with the same people for years. Be a travel nurse to avoid getting tangled in workplace politics.

All you have to do is show up for work, get paid, and leave. You don’t have to attend meetings, participate in clubs, or deal with the politics of your unit.

Sounds like a dream to me. 


5. Meeting and making new friends.

You will always be the new nurse as a travel nurse, but you can always make friends. Traveling as a nurse is more fun when you meet new people and make friends.

The experience becomes more memorable. Not only do you get to meet people, but you also make connections.

And these connections can help your career in the future. Now that’s a win-win situation! 


6. It teaches you life skills.

When you become a travel nurse, you will find yourself in situations that are not normal. You also leave the comforts of your home and everything that you know.

As a travel nurse, you set out into the unknown.

You will have to use every survival and critical thinking skill you know to adapt to the changes and new environment. It also enhances your communication skills and builds your resilience. 


7. There’s flexibility

You may not get paid on your day off, but you have control over your working hours. It is one of the advantages of this job.

Unlike permanent positions, travel nurses can apply for vacation and get certain days off in their schedules.

You can plan as many activities as possible because you can choose which days you want to work and days to slack off.

If this is your kind of thing, we recommend becoming a travel nurse today. 


8. Reimbursements

Your travel expenses, uniforms, and nursing license expenses can be reimbursed by the company that hired you.

So, besides your take-home salary, you also have additional payments through reimbursements.

It’s like starting your career for free.


Your Takeaway

The cons may be more than expected, but it’s all part of the job we chose. Don’t let it discourage you.

To be a travel nurse means to sacrifice all things familiar, including the comfort zone you’ve always known.

Being a travel nurse is a mixture of leisure and work. It may be challenging at first, but as your work pushes on, you will realize it’s not all bad.

Travel nursing has many benefits if you like to be on the go and enjoy working as a nurse. It’s a practical job if you wish to remain untied to long-term positions.

So, why not try it for a couple of months and see how it goes? You’ll never know what’s in store for you!

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EP 184: Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

EP 184: Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

Creating Value with Art with Deane Bowers

Creating value with art gives us this space where we can express ourselves. It is where we can create something out of nothing. It also helps us destress and find a calm, quiet, and safe space where we can enjoy our time away from the buzz and chaos of life.

The best thing about it is that art evolves. It doesn’t stop in one line. It grows and gives people more ways to express themselves. 

Art is perhaps one of the reasons why many people turn their passion for it into something worthwhile. And with that, we welcome our guest, Deane Bowers.

Deane is an artist whose mission is to make this world a more loving, gentler, and kinder place. She gives ordinary objects value by bringing out their best qualities and celebrating their flaws and imperfections.

Deane’s art encourages others to embrace and celebrate their shortcomings. 

We talk about the importance of art and the together while apart project. 


The questions below are some we’d like to tackle. We often go off-topic, so we don’t expect to hit them all. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Looking forward to our conversation!

These are the questions you had in Calendly. We’ll go off your questions and wherever else our conversation goes.

  1. Deane, can you give a little background about yourself?
      • Was art always a passion of yours? How did you get started in it, and how did you learn to make art?
      • How did you start turning everyday items into pieces of art?
      • Where do you find your inspiration, and what do you look to when you struggle to find your creativity?
  1. How does creating art make you feel?
      • Is it your happy place? Is it something you use as a way to focus? Is it your escape?
      • What is your most proud piece besides the Together While Apart piece?
  2. Having a family full of healthcare professionals, do they ever talk to you about their job?
      • What seems to be the most challenging part of their careers or something you find they struggle with? And what advice do you give them?
      • Any advice you can give moms with their children in nursing school or healthcare-based education?
  3. What is the Together While Apart Project?
      • How did you get started, and why did you start it?


Before we end the show, we have one last question we like to ask all our guests.

If you had the opportunity to have a Cup of coffee with anybody one last time, who would it be & why? 

Follow Deane and her artwork through her Instagram at @deanevbowersart.

You can also help support nurses by donating to the Together While Apart Project. Check out their Instagram page at @togetherwhileapartproject for more information.

If art is your passion, watch the full episode by clicking here 👇


00:00 Introduction
02:45 About the guest
04:39 How to stay creative
06:33 The perfect pieces of art
09:30 All about the “Together While Apart Art Project”
20:18 The challenges of healthcare professionals
24:02 A way of helping nurses
28:25 How to support the project
31:39 The importance of being creative
34:05 The radiating effects of art
37:42 What keeps Deane busy
39:31 The Fresh Start project
42:18 Wrapping up the episode

About Cup of Nurses

About Cup of Nurses

About Cup of Nurses

Welcome to the Cup of Nurses podcast, your source for current health news and hot nursing topics. We are Matt and Peter, and we love helping nurses. 

Together, we have over 5 years of experience in various nursing fields ranging from the ICU to travel nursing. Through numerous hospitals and units, we gained a vast perspective on nursing and how to navigate healthcare. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world, one conversation at a time, to help you renew your mind and spirit as you face the realities that a career in nursing often brings.

We have had podcasts for over 3 years and don’t see slowing down in the future. Being who we are, we like to keep things raw and unfiltered as we stay true to ourselves, sharing what our lives are like both on and off the clock.

We had a different upbringing, being born in Poland, eastern culture, so we love to share our unique lifestyle off the clock. 

Sugarcoating information or glossing over tough issues is not our thing. We face topics head-on, debate the subjects at hand and let you make your own decisions.

The guests we bring on also help us on this mission as they share their experiences in various areas of life. Everyone in society should have a unique perspective on healthcare.

This is why we encourage everyone to look into the topics we discuss on the show. 

We want to mentor you in your nursing career both on and off the clock. And maybe, you may also be an outsider, trying to gain a perspective on healthcare. 

As you enter nursing school, we are here for you. We provide education and tips on how to survive through those difficult semesters. To simplify things, we’ve even put together an NCLEX study guide to simplify your process. 

Called to Serve as Nurses

Nursing is hard, but it is also very rewarding. if you’re a nursing student, nurse, or someone interested in greater quality of life, you’re in the right place.

We have a ton of information on Cup of Nurses.com about everything we talk about on the podcast and tailored merch on the Cup of Nurses’ shop. If you want to connect with our community, join our FB groups and follow us on social media. 

Education and science have been our biggest influences when it comes to the mission we have for Cup of Nurses and our other brand Frontline Warriors.

Education is important to be successful in any area of life. Do you want to lift properly? You need to research and learn about the subject. We love podcasting about new subjects and looking behind science and research. 

The self-improvement journey was another avenue of interest we had in our lives. The pursuit of happiness is in everyone’s vision, but we realize that external satisfaction is only half the trip to tranquility. Through the self-exploration journey, Frontline Warriors started.

What Cup of Nurses is All About

We want to help support like-minded people on the same journey, rising to a higher vibration of this planet. As we worked in healthcare, we realized that healthcare professionals need self-care more than ever.

The change starts within, so we all need to awaken to our inner journey and help improve healthcare. 

Even though the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming suffering. Consciousness is the key.

We are all on the battlefield inside of our minds, so why not be a warrior on this journey of life and have the support of like-minded people? Join us on wearefrontlinewarriors.com

We have also taken matters into our own hands to help the healthcare industry with our app Prnto.

Our goal is to make our app a one-stop and transparent platform for medical professionals to find superior employment, advance their education, find valuable information, and participate in a community with shared interests.

We are here to create more purpose in your career, health, and leisure time. Arm yourself with the latest knowledge and keep your heart full with the most up-to-date information from Cup of Nurses.

If you listen to the show and enjoy what we do, it would mean the world to us if you would leave a review and share the show. 

Learn more about us by clicking here 👇


How to Pack for Travel Nursing

How to Pack for Travel Nursing

How to Pack for Travel Nursing

When you’ve finally agreed to and signed your contract, you’re ready to move physically to a different location. There is a misconception about how hard it is to pack for your travel nursing assignment.

Packing for your assignment is not a small task since you’ll be moving the majority of your things with you.  


What You Need to Bring 

Sometimes, we tend to bring necessary things when we are traveling, but as a travel nurse, you must learn to pack light and bring only the essentials. Here’s what you need to do:


Travel Nurse Packing List

The first thing you need to do after signing your travel nursing contract is to create a list of things you need to pack. Here’s what to consider:

  • Housewares
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Uniforms, work bag, work shoes
  • Paperwork & portfolio
  • Electronics
  • Personal Care & luxury items
  • First Aid & Medical items
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies/Activities



For your travel nursing assignment, you’re going to need to create a portfolio of all your identification. If you don’t do this, it may be difficult to access them from a distance. These items include:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Insurance cards (auto, life, home, etc.)
  • Passport (if applicable)
  • Work Visa (if applicable)
  • Health Information/prescriptions



When you’re packing for your travel nursing assignment, you will need the majority of your clothes, if not all. Imagine packing for a week-long vacation. Packing up for your travel nursing assignment is four times that amount.

Here’s what to keep in mind before you pack:  

  • What climate are you going into? Make sure you look into the weather forecast for the location of your travel nursing assignment. You need to bring clothes that suit the weather. Chicago’s weather can fluctuate from 68 – 92 degrees during the warm months, and winters can fluctuate from 10 – -40 degrees. You need to know what climate you’re going to be in to have a good travel nursing experience.
  • How many clothes are you going to take? You don’t realize how much clothing you have until you have to pack it all up. Take your luggage with you on the plane or fill up your car with clothes. The best way to pack up your clothes is to use large bins that will fit in your car. 


Houseware and Electronics

You can live in a fully furnished place so you won’t need to transport most of your kitchen. If your abode isn’t furnished, take only the housewares you need, along with your favorite and most-used accessories. For example, few places have a crockpot.

Electronics are our most-used accessories. If you have a desktop computer, you’ll need to figure out how it will fit in your car. Laptops are always good because they enable you to work while you travel.

You’ll also need your cellphone, chargers, Alexa, PS4, Xbox, HDMI cable(s), hairdryer, hair iron, and cords.


Hobbies & Activities

Packing all your hobbies and activities for travel nursing will require some of your biggest cuts. Travel nursing is great, and you’ll find yourself doing many new things.

You may have to sacrifice your golfing equipment for the tennis rackets, and you might not be able to take your kayak or bike. The good thing is that you might be trying out new activities, especially if you’re moving to a different part of the US.

The amount of stuff you take will depend on the size of your car and how much you can fit in it


Personal and Luxury Items

Remember, you’re also packing for yourself! Make sure you take things you really enjoy, such as your favorite purses, dresses, blanket, pillow, etc… But keep in mind that there’s a limit on how much you can transport. 

Once you’ve packed it all up, there’s one more step before you can take on your travel nursing assignment. Go through your list again and ensure you have everything you’ll need.

Remember to evaluate how well you packed when you reached your destination. Create a note of things you forgot and a list of things you rarely used. This way, you’ll be better prepared for your next contract. 

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